Turn back the clock

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Chris' P.O.V

Everyone is silent. (Y/N) and Mike are staring at each other, both of them have said things that shouldn't have been said. (Y/N) walks over to us and grabs her bags. She walks away with them, not once glancing back.
   Once she is out of sight Mike turns to me, his face had fallen. He no longer seems angry, but he now looks upset. Jess is sitting with her head hung low, hugging her knees. Sam sits still, not saying a word. Nobody says anything. It's not that we don't have anything to say, but nobody wants to bring up what happened two years ago. I was never part of the prank, but I know Mike and Jess were. I know Sam knew about it, but she wasn't at fault. She's still not to blame.
   "Does anyone want any food?" I ask, trying to lift the solemn atmosphere, but failing miserably. Mike shakes his head lightly and sits beside Jess, pulling her closer to him. I think it's a good thing he's with her again. He was miserable without her. Love does that though. It's a destructive and powerful feeling. I turn to Sam who has decided to try and sleep, but I know she's just feeling upset.
   It's been five hours since (Y/N) left but no-one seems to be worried. They must still be mad at her. I'm not sure if I'm mad at her or mad at the world. I guess I shouldn't make any decisions with the state my minds in. I'm still grieving. I love Ashley. She hung herself. She said she was pregnant. She left without saying goodbye. None of us know why she did kill herself, none of us understand that. She was with people who love her and care, she had another life within her. She gave everything up, for what? I guess we'll never know. I look over at her stuff. I can't help but want to cry. Like I said before, love is destructive and I always believed she was worth my own personal destruction.

    It's now been ten hours. Everyone else is asleep, but I can't seem to get any sleep no matter how tired I am. So I've been alone with my thoughts. I thought about how hard last year was. How hard it was to choose between my best friend and the love of my life. How hard it was to choose between my own survival or hers. How thankful I was that she was there to open that door. She made the dark and horrible things that happened seem brighter. I can't explain it fully, love is always the easiest to describe, but she made my life so much better than it could ever be again.
   "I miss her." I find myself thinking out loud. But I do, I miss her so much. She always seemed so happy and I guess that's why I never expected her to do that. She didn't leave a note or anything, so theirs no explanation. Or maybe their is. I need to find (Y/N).

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