Chapter XI

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It had been a more than active day after the training. Despite Wiese had been very clumsy most of the time, missing obvious chances and giving some to me, they had had a considerable effort in all of it. They really wanted to learn, I could see it in their eyes; it could took more time for them to do so, but I knew that it will be worth the time and energy.

What really put my head on something was the way they kicked, as a strange animal, unable to keep their feet on the ground. They had to jump a little, use both feet and with a strange spin on the air they was once again on the floor. what intrigued me wasn't their way to it, but the fluent and easy it was for them, even when Wiese told me nobody teached them, it was... natural.

I shook my head to forget about it all. It was useless to wonder about it when they will be with their family, we will never see each other again and... somehow, that very single thought made me feel bad.

Since the first time that I came to Dreamare, the only company I've had was Pandora and my sëol, although that creature wouldn't count on common circumstances. It was that I felt so lonely...

A sharp cry cut the air and my thoughts. I got up from the floor, wide awake now, looking around ttrying to see anything that could do such a sound, as Wiese and Pandora got up too, both of them alarmed and their faces pale with terror.

"In the name of the Thunder! What was that?!" Said Pandora. Wiese was shaking by fear, but she had her arms around them, trying to calm them down. A red energy circle was already starting to appear around us.

"ALYNNE!" I recognized that voice right away.

"Gail?" I said in a whisper, paralized. "What is she doing here? Gail!"

I stood up, crosing the circle before it was completed, and screaming her name while I searched for one of my daggers. The one from my left boot was missing, but I still had the one in the right; I just hoped that could be enough in case I needed to fight.

"Alynne!" Shouted Pandora, still inside the circle. "Come inside! We don't know what's coming!" I could also hear Wiese's cries. "It's not safe to be out there!"

"She need help and I'm not going to do nothing! Gail, here!" I said as soon as I saw her. Her eyes were red and her face was as if she had seen her own death. And she had. Behind her, a shadow three times bigger was trying to catch her and she flied to meet me.

"Please, don't let him get me!" She said in tears. My whole body trembled at the mere sight of that thing. It was a hybrid, with a human upper half of its body, and a spider-like bottom half. The creature's head was still scratching and damaging the ceiling while it was moving at full speed.

A knot, as heavy as a rock, formed in my throat, cutting my breath for a second. If I had problems with common shadows, how was I supposed to face that? It would be impossible to conjure a sëol. It was only my dagger agaisnt the creature.

I squeezed the handle of the dagger and sent a silent prayer.

"Open it," I told Pandora. "Gail will need to hide, I'll buy some time." I took a deep breath and ran to the beast. "Go inside the circle!" I shouted at her.

I didn't see anything else than the  black body of the creature, inches away from me. I jumped, dug the dagger into its shoulder, I dropped down its back without ceasing to cut and ignoring the cries of pain.

I knew it would try to punch me or break a bone, whatever it happened first, so I took my distance. Gail was already inside the circle, but the three of them were looking at me, terrified. Pandora couldn't leave it in order to keep it, so it was only the two of us.

I barely had time to react when the creature broke the ground, creating a crack large enough for me to fall into it. I jumped onto the rocks where I had bathed, remembering that the water could help me. I licked some of the blood, hoping it would heal me in its raw state, and cleaned the dagger as soon as I could.

I felt the adrenaline all over my body as I dived through its legs, nailing and cutting as hard as I could, hoping it would be enough to weaken the shadow. However, with a jerk it made me fly away from it.

I had lost the dagger, but I still had some water in my hair. I squeezed them, wetting my hands, and dropped the drops onto its face, watching as it melted, giving me ample time to find my weapon.

The few blows began to heal, but I knew I had to end the fight as soon as I could. I ran to the creature once again, keeping the dagger down, but as soon as I was near enough, about to cut again, this time on its throat, the shadow hit me, taking the air out of my lungs.

It didn't gave me time to recover and smashed the ground. I barely managed to dodge the blows, but they shook the structure so that the ground broke again, causing Pandora to lose concentration and turning the circle into a mere set of coals that went out.

The creature ran as fast as it could, kicked Pandora and Wiese, took Gail, who had not stopped screaming, and walked away when my friend managed to blow a wall near to it. I could only hear a groan, but the girl's screams continued to grow even more distant.

A waterfall made of tears was burning my eyes, my lugs were trying to recover the stolen air and all of my muscles, despite healing at the same time, were hurting more than never before. However, my chest was burst into flames. I always told her I could protect her, and I always told Wiese the same thing, but it turned out to be all a lie.

Even I have my limits.

"You have to find her, Pandora, you have to find where they took her," I said as soon as she was beside me.

"Sure I will, but first we need you to recover, Alynne," she was crying as I, and her hands were covered in blue light.

I could feel the pain running through every muscle in my body, while Pandora tried to heal as much as she could. Waterfalls of light penetrated my ghostly body, traversing empty veins that sought flesh and aching bones.

The relief was slow to arrive, I was disoriented and left my head shattered for a minute, but from one moment to another I felt I could breathe again.

Wiese was keeping one of my hands between the two of them. "You promised everything was going to be okay, Alynne," they said wiping their own tears. "You will be okay, right?"

"I will," I said with a tired smile, "it takes more than that to get rid off of me." The phrase semed to comfort them both, although Wiese wasn't that sure anymore. "We need to find her," I told Pandora.

"As soon as we go to Wiese's home, I promise you, we will go," she responded, biting her bottom lip, increasing the pressure on herfingers, as if trying to make my heart beat again.

"Don't worry about me, I can wait," said the child. "She's in trouble and I want to help."

"It's very sweet of you, Wiese," said Pandora, as I was to weak to speak, "but you may not be as lucky as Alynne."

"I don't wanna go home," they said, "not yet. Please, let me help."

"We'll talk about it later," she settled. "You may feel a little dizzie after this," my friend warned me before an energy ball came into me.

Slowly, I felt as the blackness embraced me, and despite I knew it would only make things look worse for Wiese, I couldn't fight anymore, and just gave up.

Slowly, I felt as the blackness embraced me, and despite I knew it would only make things look worse for Wiese, I couldn't fight anymore, and just gave up

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