“Do one thing everyday that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Jacky’s P.o.V.

Here we go again. Another year at Hogwarts. Another year with my amazing Gryffindors, another year wondering what Voldemort has up his sleeve.                                                                                     Oh goody.

“Hermione! Ginny!” I call excitedly. I jump through the crowds on the train and jump into their compartment. They smile at me, laughing at my exuberance. Harry and Ron have grown taller, the goofs. Hermione is really doing well with controlling her hair and Ginny! Wow, she’s really being herself this year.

“You guys are so old!” I compliment, sitting against the window and flinging my legs over both Harry and Ron’s laps. I had caught them when the oh mighty prefects had gotten back from their carriage.

“How was your summer Luna? And you Neville?” I ask. Neville is getting very attractive. Hannah will be happy about that.

“It was wonderful. Father and I went on a small expedition for Blubbering Humdingers for a few weeks.” I blinked and smiled at her. I knew what those were psshh who wouldn’t? *I have no clue what those are…*

“It was so and so. Mostly Gran fortifying the house against Death Eaters. Now that Voldemort is out in the open, Gran is feeling very smug when the neighbor’s ask if it’s true about me fighting at the Ministry.” You could see the happiness in Neville’s eyes. I patted his hand.

“I’m thrilled that she finally sees you for you. How’s the garden going?” He blushes under my attention. I draw back a little. Hannah would tear my eyes out if she thought for a second I was flirting.

“It’s going great! My Uncle Albie is sending over some new plants found in Greenland and I’ll be able to take a look when I go back at Christmas break. How about you? How was your summer?” I sat back and grinned.

“You’ll never believe what I talked my family into.” They leaned forward, curious. I looked around secretively and pulled up the hem of my shirt to show the glinting roaring lion’s head pendant hanging from my belly button. Ron and Harry blushed from seeing the exposed skin while Ginny and Hermione shrieked. Luna smiled and said dazedly, “That’s very rebellious.” Before going back to her magazine. Neville’s mouth hung open as well.

“How did you convince your mum to let you get that?!” he exclaims. I giggle.

“I let her get one too.” I laughed even more when I saw their expressions.

“You and your mum got belly button piercings. I need some air.” Hermione joked, standing up and poking her head out the door. We laughed but stopped as she pulled it quickly back in. A blonde head had appeared, pushing back the door with force and sneering with hatred at Harry, who had stood up to stand beside Hermione, along with Ron. I pushed down my shirt and stood on Ron’s other side. My heart beat terribly fast as I caught his ice storm blue eyes and could feel the ice penetrating my skin. I shivered as he let his hand fall to his side.

“Not getting enough attention at home, Grace? Have to show others your rebellious antics now?” He sneered. I kept a steady gaze on him, not letting him see.

“At least I let myself rebel. Not be like a rock and do nothing.” I retorted weakly. Hermione touched my arm in comfort where Draco couldn’t see.

“Oh shut it mudblood.” I stepped forward, furious.

“What do you want, Draco? Or are you just here to taint the air.” I snapped. His eyes widened and I realized what I had done.

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