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As Troye walked down the sidewalk he put his hands in his pocket. It was a cold, rainy day. Pretty strange for march, if he was honest, especially because just last week he attended one of his dad's pool parties where people had been walking around in their swim suits all day. Feeling his phone buzz in his pocket he took it out. It was Hari, texting him because she was wondering where he was.

Sorry, he texted. Lost track of time while reading in the library. Omw now.

It had been a pretty cool book he was reading, or actually the whole series was pretty nice. The Wheel of Time it was called. He had only found the first book a few weeks back and was already on the third one now. He put his phone back and looked up as he saw a shadow looming over him. Noticing he had almost bumped into another man he apologized. "Sorry sir, wasn't paying attention." He smiled and stepped aside in order to let the man pass. The other one didn't move however. "Sir?" Troye asked.

Suddenly, everything happened at once. The man grabbed him. Someone else smacked him on the back of his head. Another person pushed him towards the curb of the sidewalk. Troye could hear an engine rolling. Shit, Troye thought. Shit. Nothing else came to mind. Someone pushed him again and Troye stumbled a bit, almost losing his balance. He heard a deep voice grumble something about being clumsy and heard a car door being opened. He was pushed in and got something thrown over his head. Troye tried to fight back, he really did, but all he got for that was another smack on the head.

Then everything went black.

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