Accidentally fallen for you. oops. (12)

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"Come with me now" He commanded.

I just sat there. Frozen.

He reached and grabbed my arm. Man he's strong! Something clicked in my mind and I twisted myself out of his grasp and ran for the door.

I shouldn't go find Ben. I should run the opposite direction. I ran towards the ally. I was ready to run as far as I could go.

But when I turned the corner. I ran into someone.

I looked up and gasped. No!!!!

-----Lily's POV-----

"Let me go!" I screamed.

"How have you been Lily?" BROCK asked.

Brock? What the...

"Stalker!" I screamed. Kicking him.

The officer came around the corner. Dang.

"Good job Officer Jones" The Officer said.

Officer?! What! I've been tricked from the moment I met him! That jerk! I was hurt.

And his last name was Jones. The name he tricked me with.

"Cuff her. She's a runner" The officer said.

"Yes sir" Brock muttered. Pulling cuffs from his pocket and putting my arms behind my back. I felt the cold metal tighten around my wrist.

I was silent. If I shouted bad names at him. Would I be in trouble?

He pushed me to the police car and sat me in the back.

"Take her to the airport. I'll stay here if the boy comes back" The officer said.

I thought quickly.

"Like he would" I muttered.

"What?" He stopped and looked at me.

I shrugged.

"Tell me" He demanded.

"He left me the last stop for some stupid waitress" I forced tears. Oh my gosh they were actually coming. I could feel them go down my cheek.

"Which stop?"

"I don't know" I sobbed.

"When was this?"

"Yesterday. That jerk!" I cried.

He just nodded. With the look of 'girl having emotional breakdown. Code red.

"Can you take the handcuffs off? They hurt" I said sadly. The tears breaking my voice perfectly.

"Sure" He took them off and put them away. Quickly closing the door so I wouldn't run. I sighed.

Brock was staring at me through the rearview mirror.

"Wanna talk about it?" He asked.

I looked out the window. And muttered.

"I don't talk to traders, liars or strangers. Your all of them" I huffed.

He started driving.

"I'm not a stranger. Or liar. I was just doing my job Lily"

"Are you really 19?" I asked.

"Yes. I became an officer early" He smiled proud.

"Is you name really Brock Jones?"


I stopped talking to him and stared at the window.

"Don't be upset Lily. Just doing my job.." He started.

I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I just stared out the window. Worried for Ben...

-----Ben's POV-----

The hotel search took longer then I thought. Thankfully I left the truck for Lily. It's starting to get dark. So I ran to the laundry place.

When I got inside. She wasn't there. Maybe she went to the bathroom?

I recognized our laundry and switched it to the dryer. Then started folding the rest.

She was taking a long time. The truck is still here. I see it.

I sat down and watched TV. Maybe she went to eat something? I started to worry.

"Excuse me ma'am" I called the woman at the counter.

"Yes?" She looked at me.

"Did the girl with short brown hair that was with me earlier leave? Where did she go?"

"Oh. The police came and took her away" She said with an accent. Like she was from England.

"What? Are you sure?" I asked. My heart racing.

"Positive. Please take your laundry. Its been in there longer then I normally allow" She told me.

I grabbed everything and threw it in the truck. Lily. I've lost Lily!

Its all my fault. I shouldn't have left her by herself. Its all my fault. Where could she have gone?

-----Lily's POV-----

He drove to the airport and got tickets. Yes. He was going too to make sure I didn't run. We got on the plane 3 hours after I was taken from the laundry place. Poor Ben.

We sat in our seats and waited for the plane to take off.

"Your going to talk eventually" Brock muttered.

I would rather die. I thought in my head. While watching the little town disappear. Leaving Ben there...


Sorry its short. But I will post soon.

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