The Plan

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"So basically, Momo threatens to stop the wedding because you didn't give Dahyun a proper and romantic proposal?" Namjoon hyung asked the moment we get back in our dorms.

We sat on the sofa as we decided to discuss this very threatening matter. Okay, for me, it's threatening. I don't know about them. But I do hope they get my point why we should take Hirai Momo seriously. I met that weird girl earlier and she is seriously freaking me out until now. Thinking about her just give me goosebumps.

"She kinda hates you because you're about to take away her human pillow which is Dahyun?" Jin hyung asked.

I nodded and nervously played with fingers. I can feel cold sweats forming on my forehead and my whole body is trembling. Who would've thought that that blondie, dance machine, Japanese girl is a sadist?

I was deep in my thoughts, thinking about how will I deal with Momo, when suddenly one by one I heard my hyungs laughed hysterically.

I annoyingly stared at them. "What's so funny? I'm being threatened here? A little help will do," I said, sounding really annoyed and desperate at the same time.

This is very serious.

Somebody is taking away my Dahyun away from me.

I thought Jimin is the only person who should I feel threatened. I never thought that Momo, a girl, is the villain one here.

"Oh my god. This is so funny!" Hoseok hyung almost drop on the floor from too much laughing, along with Taehyung. I want to kick them both to make them stop. "Seriously, Jungkook, I think you're overreacting this matter," Hoseok hyung said, still laughing a bit. "Don't you get her point why she is threatening you? It's because she wants you to prove for the last time that you are worth to be married with Dahyun."

The hyungs finally stopped laughing and became serious.

I don't get it. Twice already interrogated me. They asked me what they want to know. I already proven my worth to become Dahyun's husband. Isn't it enough?

"It's seriously not enough, to be very honest." Wait, did Yoongi hyung just read my thoughts? He continued, "I mean, you just asked Dahyun to marry you very casually in the playground, remember?"

"And without any ring!" Taehyung added.

"Exactly," Yoongi hyung continued. "If other people will hear this, they will think that you are not serious in asking Dahyun to marry her. It's like making a deal without even thinking about it."

"But I'm serious during that time," I said, slightly pouting.

"We know that. But it's still not formally done," Namjoon hyung stated.

Then what makes it formal?

"Propose to her for the second time," Jimin suggested. I stared at him in shock. I never thought that he will say this to me, nor even help me. But I'm glad that we are back to normal. I just hope that this will continue until the day me and Dahyun got married. "Make it more romantic, special and memorable," Jimin added.

Thinking about his plan just made me feel excited. I can't wait to see Dahyun's reaction if I propose to her for the second time.

"We should start planning now," Jin hyung get a notebook and pen and started jotting down our opinions and everything.

"Never ever forget the ring!" Taehyung reminded me for the second time. I nodded and take note of that.

"How about the place? Where should Jungkook propose?" Hoseok hyung asked. "The playground won't be counted anymore since he already did it there before and Momo thinks that the place is not romantic."

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