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 I had writer block again ugh and on top of that my stupid brother step on the charger cord and I didn't even get to save my writing to I had to start from where I last left off again -__- any way hope you enjoy it.


I stood across the street from my apartment building. I had been for about 20 minutes now. I know he could smell me but he hadn't opened the door or looked out the window once. From the way he sounded on the phone, I thought the moment I was within his reach he would charge at me. But he didn't show his face. Was he not there?Taking a deep breath then slowly exhaling I hefted my duffel bag over my shoulder and made my way across the street to my apartment.

I greeted the door man and with a smile and head nod as I continued past him to the elevator.I stood in the corner by myself. Too many thoughts plagued my mind of how Atesh would react. The closer the elevator got to my floor the more nervous I got. The elevator dinged signaling my stop. I slowly made my way to my door and from behind it, the sound of two people speaking in french became louder. They were angry. I stood at the door hesitantly before pulling out my keys and opening the door.

"Combien de fois avons-nous de faire valoir à ce sujet Père?" A voice that sounded like Atesh's growled.

"Je vous ai choisi comme mon héritier et c'est ce que vous serez, vous exécutez le pack!" A deeper more dangerous voice hissed.

"Mon âme sœur est ma priorité pour le moment. Elle est encore à essayer de comprendre comment les choses fonctionnent dans le monde loup-garou, je me refuse à son jeter dans l'eau, sachant qu'elle ne sait pas nager!" Atesh shouted as I came through the walkway and entered the living room.

I gasped. The living room was a mess. Couches turned over, lamps broken to pieces, light bulbs broken, the curtains were in shreds, from the middle to the end. There were holes the size of a large fist in some of the walls, the T.V was face down on the grown, the clear glass coffee table was destroyed. I looked over at the two men who stood a few feet from each other, with their attention now on me.

"I hope you both plan on cleaning up and buying me new furniture." I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"My dear if you came back with us to the home country you could have more than you need." The older man with a very strong French accent spoke to me, with a smile on his lips.

"Vos trucs ne fonctionnent pas sur mon père" Atesh smirked at the man, who in turn glared at him.

"English" I demanded turning my attention to Atesh, who's smirk immediately fell.

"Welcome home my love." He tried to approach me but I took a step back and held a hand up.

"Darling, excuse my son's rudeness but, I am Adonis, Atesh's father, I've heard you met my other son as well as my daughter, no?" He asked holding a hand out for me to shake.

"Yes I have" I tried to shake his hand but instead he held on a kissed the knuckles of my hand before gently letting go. "Your his father." I muttered.

"Yes I am, and I am here to take the both of you back to our home in France to rule over the rest of the pack." Adonis explained.

As he spoke I barely paying him any attention, the only thing I was thinking of is what Shannon told me about their household. Thought of how Atesh's mother looked and might look plagued my mind but I couldn't see anything that would say this gentle yet powerful looking man was capable of doing so.

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