“The Rented Husband”

2012 Copyright All Rights Reserved


     They were coming to the end of what could only be described as a perfect day in Brody's book.  News arrived right before they boarded the plane, that Patton had been sentenced.  She had been found guilty for attempted murder.  She pleaded insanity, just like they knew she would and was now fated to spend the next few years in a nice, comfy room of her own, decorated with white padded walls and big metal bars on the windows.  Now she could finally get the help she so desperately needed. They couldn't have expected better results.     

   With the past behind them, Brody insisted on carrying Olivia, bridal style, all the way to the their room, only stopping in front of the door. “So Mrs. O’Conner," he said, looking down at her gorgeous face.  "One year later, it seems as though we have come full circle.  Here we are," he grinned, "Back at the very place where it all started.  What do you think about that?” 

    It had only been twenty four hours since they finally said their vows, officially making them husband and wife in every sense of the word.  Thanks to a surprising wedding present from the ambiguous Ted Murray, they were back in Hawaii and getting ready to enter the exact same hotel room that they shared during Caley’s wedding.

    With her arms wrapped around his neck, she lifted her head and kissed his stubbled chin.  “I think that you need to hurry up and get us in our room Mr. O'Connor.”

    He snorted, “I can’t argue with that.”  Maintaining his hold on her with one arm, he shifted his body around and pulled the key card out of his back pocket.  In five more minutes, they would be in the room and he planned to start this honey moon off the right way, with lots and lots of fireworks.  His hand outstretched, he was two seconds away from swiping the key card when a clipped voice called out to them.


    Both, Brody and Olivia snapped their heads to the side to see a Nun standing three rooms down.  She narrowed her eyes on them and crossed herself with her hand, mumbling some words that they couldn’t quite make out.  It wasn’t just any Nun either, it was the Nun.  The same one that accused them of being fornicators a year ago.

    “Oh boy,” Brody groaned, dropping his head on Liv’s shoulders. It would be just their luck to run into her now, on this night of all nights.

    “What?” Olivia asked, clearly confused.  She didn’t understand the strange animosity that was coming from the sister.  Her face seemed vaguely familiar to her though, like maybe she had seen her before but she couldn‘t place her. “Why is she looking at us like that?”

    Brody let out a slow breath and turned to the Nun.  He held up their joined hands and proudly showed off their wedding bands.  “We’re married now,” he pointed out to her, hoping that she would finally get off the fornicator bit.

    The sister glared at  them for a moment and then with a haughty lift of her chin, she pivoted away from them, shaking her head.  She pulled out her key and with a few jerky movements, she unlocked her door and disappeared in a swish of black robes.

    Olivia looked up at him and furrowed her brow. “What was that all about?” She asked again, thinking that it was the oddest experience that she ever witnessed.  She thought all Nuns were sweet and gentle people.  This one definitely had a major chip on her shoulder and she wondered why.

    Brody never did tell her the story about how they ended up in the wrong room, only to be properly chastised by the Nun and he didn’t really plan on telling her now.  Maybe someday, it would be one of those funny stories that you tell at the Thanksgiving table, but not when he was only moments away from finally consummating his marriage.