"When will they be back?" Mijoo asked walking into the room. She saw Jimin sitting behind a desk going through some papers. He looked like he was in an office with too much stress on his shoulders.

"Soon" He replied not even sparing her a glance.

"You should take a break" She said standing in front of him with worry in her eyes. Mijoo thought the scene was so cliché, the man working hard at his job and the girlfriend tells him to rest when he gets back home.

When Jimin did not reply she made another attempt to talk to him. "You should have let me go with them. Not knowing my best friends condition is killing me" She scoffed "For all I know I'm stuck with you because of her"

This caught Jimin's attention. He looked up at her with wide eyes, not exactly expecting to hear something like that from her. He knew he was a much better mate than Yoongi and thought she was lucky to have him instead of the others since he was so caring and respected her personal space. The most progress they made was one single kiss just because he didn't want her to feel intimidated by him. Just a few seconds ago she was worrying about how he should take a break from all the work Namjoon had left on him and now she got a sudden mood change. The girl kept surprising him.

"What is that supposed to mean?" He said putting down the papers he was reading to give her his attention.

"Calm down. I was joking" She rolled her eyes and took a seat on one of the guest chair. Jimin sighed in relief and ran a hand through his hair.

"Who knew hyung had to go through so much paper work" He said resting his head on the back of the chair. He stared at Mijoo as she played with a hair band.

"All of us except you" She said with a blank expression. The girl was proving to be sassier than the sass master Yoongi himself.

He smiled without humour and snatched the hair band away from her hand. She was giving more attention to it than her own mate. Jimin then pointed the hair band in her direction and used his finger to pull it backwards.

"No don't!" She shouted as she hid behind the desk in a hurry. The hair band landed behind her. She glared at him as she barely dodged it and picked it up to get her revenge.

Jimin was quick to run around the desk and catch her body before she could even point it at him. He hugged her with a cheeky smile as she tried to get away. Mijoo had an annoyed look on her face but inside, her heart was fluttering because of the sudden hug.

She managed to push him away but ended up falling in the floor. Apparently, Hyemi wasn't the only one who was as clumsy as an old woman with a walking stick. She glared at Jimin from the same position.

"You fell" He laughed showing off his charming eye-smile.

"No, I attacked the floor" She deadpanned. Mijoo couldn't help make a sarcastic comment at the dumb statement.

"Backwards?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I'm freaking talented!" She exclaimed.

Jimin rolled his eyes and grabbed her arm to pull her up. She dusted her bum and took a seat back in the chair she was originally sitting on. Jimin followed her movements and went behind the desk to take his place and continue with his work.

Hyemi's P.O.V

"Hyung is calling you" Jungkook spoke chucking a pair of shorts to Yoongi. The raven head caught it with one hand and stood up to quickly put them on. I wiped my tears and stood up as well not wanting to be away from him.

"Stay here" He stated and walked out of the room sending me a look that said 'I'll be back'. I tried following him but Jungkook stopped me with a soft look in his eyes. I quietly went back to the bed and took a seat.

Jungkook sat beside me as I stared at the ground. "Are you ok?" He asked feeling a tad awkward. I shook my head and looked at him.

"Considering I was almost raped a few minutes ago" I spoke "No"

"Did that jerk do anything to you?" He asked angrily. I was surprised by his sudden reaction and shook my head again. Jungkook was close to me but I didn't know how to explain it so I just told him he didn't. "I'm going to kill him" he said not believing me.

Jungkook stood up and walked over to the hole in the wall. I didn't know what to do. I wanted that disgusting man to get punished for what he did but killing him was too much, and then if Jungkook did kill him, wouldn't he get arrested?

"No!" I shouted as he picked up the unconscious man from his neck. "Don't kill him" I said grabbing hold of his arm.

"Why not?" Jungkook asked.

"Because I don't want you to get arrested" I said. "Why are you so angry anyway?" I asked suddenly. It was surprising to see Jungkook act so protective. Of course he was in charge of protecting me when Yoongi wasn't around but he didn't need to act that way.

"Yoongi hyung gave me a job and I'm doing it" He stated with a shrug then tightened his grip around the man's neck.

"Jungkook stop" I said firmly and he stopped instantly. Jungkook dropped the man without a single word and looked at me in shock. I was shocked too.

"Y-you just used your beta voice on me" He said with shock. I was confused.

"What beta voice?"

"You're the mate of a beta so you can command around people who are ranked lower than you" He explained.

I grinned suddenly. "Does that mean I can control Mijoo?" That was the only thing that popped up in my mind when he said that. It was exciting knowing that I could finally rule over my savage best friend.

"Kind of" He said with a chuckle. "C'mon let's go. Yoongi hyung just contacted me, we're leaving" Jungkook escorted me downstairs where Yoongi stood at the front door I was so desperately trying to get to less than an hour ago.

My legs started moving by themselves as I hurried to get near Yoongi. It was like a pull that I couldn't reject.

Just like the newly formed love I felt for that arrogant yet insanely handsome guy.

Mimin so kawaii ^^ also this book is #812 in fanfiction! thank you so much guys ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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Mimin so kawaii ^^ also this book is #812 in fanfiction! thank you so much guys ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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