(1) I think I'm in love with my sisters boyfriend!

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As I'm laying on my bed, listening to Bring Me the horizon on my IPod, I hear my door swing open; my older sister Jenna comes bounding in. I give her a weird look because she never comes in my room, and she barley talks to me, something's up...I think to myself. She has a huge smile plastered on her beautiful face, she walks over to me and sits on the edge of the bed, we just stare at each other for a while, I have a scowl on my face and she has a big smile on hers.

Then she breaks the silence, "Hey Jamie." She says in a bubbly voice.

"Hey..." I mumble.

She starts biting her nails, and she's shifting restlessly, I can tell she wants to tell me something important.

"Jenna, obviously you're here to tell me something, so spit it out." I say.

She laughs loudly.

"Shit Jenna, are you on drugs?!" I scream, worried that she finally gave into the peer pressure she's been under by her friends.

Her face quickly sobers up."NO!" She says back quickly. I let out a shaky breath.

"Ok...well what is it?!" I ask, getting annoyed by her weird behavior.

"Ok!" She exclaims loudly, "I'll just tell you...Jamie, I have a boyfriend!" She screams.

Are you fucking kidding me! That's it! I thought she was going to tell me good news, like my dad got in a car accident and died, or he was robbed and shot. Why would I care if she has a boyfriend...she's had them before, not that big of a deal.

"Wow Jenna that's great, but I really don't give a shit, now leave." Her face falls and she scrunches her face.

"The reason I'm telling you is because I need a huge favor from you!" She gives me an innocent smile. What could she want from me?!

"What do you want...?" I ask slowly.

"Well...mom and dad won't let me go to the movies with him tonight, unless..."

"Unless what?" I ask suspiciously.

"Unless you come." She bites her lip and crosses her fingers. I burst out laughing. There's no way in hell I'm going to the movies with her and her boyfriend! Disgusting! Then a thought hits me...if I get something in return, then I would go with her, I could bargain with her. I get a mischievous smile.

"I will go with you but..."

"But what?" She says hopeful.

"You have to take me to school every day for 2 weeks...and you have to take me where ever I want for 2 weeks. Deal?"

She grimaced at the hand I put out; she looked at me for a little bit, thinking her options over. She put her hand out, then snatched it back, "You have a deal, but if I need you to go with me for any other dates with him, you have to come. Deal?" I thought about this...and nodded my head; at least I would get to see a free movie.

We shook hands and she jumped up and down happily, I stared at her like she was an idiot, I put my headphones in and turned my music up, drowning out the sounds of her saying YAY over and over again...she must really like this guy. She gave me a big kiss on the cheek, and popped out my head phones, "Meet me in my car in like 15 minutes." Then she got up and left. Sighing, I took out my head phones and let the music blare loudly through my room.

I went over to my mirror and studied myself closely. I was about 5'4, petite, I had naturally tan skin, with dark brown hair, it was almost black, it was straight and stopped at my collar bone. My eyes were a chocolate brown, I was pretty, a lot of guys liked me, but I didn't give them the time of day. I wasn't interested at any of the guys in my school. There not my type. I'm not the preppy cheerleader, or the slutty whore. I'm me, I like screamo music, and skinny jeans, I liked piercings and tattoos. If you didn't like it then don't be my friend. I look a lot like my sister, she's really pretty to, she has long brown hair, with brown eyes, she has olive skin. I'm 16, and I'm a sophomore. My sisters 18, she's a senior.

I hear her yell down the hall for me to hurry. I look down at my Rolling Stones shirt and my black skinny jeans. I don't even bother to change, I really couldn't care less what my sister's boyfriend thought of me. I grabbed my IPod and left my room, my sister was in the kitchen telling my parents bye, I yelled out bye and left. When I got to my sisters car I sat in the passenger seat, eventually my sister came out, looking beautiful as usual.

She got in the driver's seat and looked me up and down, she pouted her lips, "Jamie, you could've at least tried to dress nicely."

"Uhh...Jenna, if you haven't noticed, it's just the movie theatre, and I'm just going with you so mom and dad will let you see your boyfriend. It's not like I'm going to meet anyone there. Now shut up and drive, I'm hungry, I hope you know you're buying me candy."

She sighed..."I now Jamie." Her phone vibrated, she instantly smiled as she looked at the new text, I gagged, it was probably her boyfriend.

She giggled a little bit as she replied, then she set her phone down and drove, but she went the opposite way the movie theatre is.

"Where are you going?" I asked her confused.

"Oh, he needs a ride." She said.

"Well I'm not moving, he can sit in the back." I said stubbornly.

Jenna gave me a pleading look, "Please Jamie! Let him sit in the front!"

"Hell no!" I screamed.

She gave me a pouty face and looked at me sadly. I sighed and scrunched my face up, "Fine." I mumbled.

"YAY!" She screamed.

I rolled my eyes.

"So, what's his name anyway?" I asked, bored.

"Manny, he just moved here a couple weeks ago, when I first saw him I thought I was in love, it was so-"

I cut her off, "That's enough Jenna...I just asked what his name was, I don't wanna hear the whole nauseating story."

She giggled, and put a dreamy smile on her face.

We finally pulled up in a drive way, the house was nice, it wasn't huge but it wasn't small. It was a cute middle class house. I saw a dark figure standing on the porch, I couldn't make out any features since it was so dark, I still couldn't see him really well as he made his way to the car, Jenna elbowed me in the arm, she jerked her head back, motioning for me to get in the back. I narrowed my eyes at her and crawled in the back.

Manny opened the car and got in, as soon as the car light hit him, and I could make out his features, my mouth dropped open, my stomach took a violent drop, I got tingles all over my body. He reached over to peck Jenna on the lips and I felt my body quiver in jealousy.

Then he looked back at me, and that's when our eyes met.



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