Chapter 19

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"You look like shit." Were the first words that graced my ears Tuesday morning. "Thank you Rachel. As expected I always anticipate hearing your thoughts on a fine and dandy morning such as this." Amanda chuckled as I said this, then their once humor filled eyes was immediately placed with worry when they properly assessed me up and down. "On a serious level now. You look horrible." Amanda said. I sighed as i leaned my head against my locker. "I know, I know." I groaned banging my forehead against the locker.

Taking a hold of my arms they dragged me away from the possibly dented metal. "Did Reece really not come home last night?" Rachel asked. I nodded. "And knowing you I'm guessing you're thinking that he stayed with Heather last night?" I nodded once again. "I don't think Reece would do that Paige. Just give him some time. He's probably at his parents." Hearing that the heavy burden eased of my heart a little bit.

The bell for first period rang and I began to walk to my homeroom when I was dragged back once again. "Umm, where are you going?" Amanda asked with a nervous look on her face. "Class."
I answered giving her a 'duhh' look. "Not looking like that you're not. Go home. Get a nice hot bath and take the day." I stared at Rachel incredulously. " I am not skipping school." "Well your outward appearance doesn't really give you a choice."


"The truth hurts."Amanda said agreeing with Rachel. "You guys are mean." I said complying to their wishes. As they followed me i fanned them off. "Don't be late for class. I'm going home." Smiling they gave me quick hugs and made a run for it. As I walked to the entrance the school doors opened and in walked Reece just as the late bell rang. He actually looked good dressed at his best as always. Our eyes met and we stood stock still infront of each other. I wanted to run and hug him and tell him that I'm glad he's okay. Reece offered a faint smile as a greeting and i knew it probably took him alot of guts so i did the same and just like that we went on our ways.

I sat down on my bed watching family feud. It was a nice comedic game show to watch and at this moment it was taking my mind off of everything.

I was laughing at a man that Steve Harvey was making a joke out of. After all its not everyday you hear a man saying that a woman's leg hair felt like a coconut husk. When my phone began to vibrate and Mom flashed across the screen. I immediately turned off the T.V. as I needed silence so that i could properly debate if i should answer this call.

Knowing my Mom this call could either be about two things.

1) Finding out about my skipping of school.
2) Finding out about Reece's and I's not so solid relationship. That the business is depending on.

Taking a deep breath I answered the phone and shockingly it wasn't about either of the two. It was something much more serious as i heard my mother's less than chirpy voice.

"Honey, will you be inviting Reece to Riley's anniversary tomorrow?"

I gasped as my mom mentioned the name. How could I have forgotten something so important. With everything going on I completely forgot that tomorrow marks the day my little sister died.
So if the chapter is short forgive me. This is what i came up with. The next chapter is going to be a filler chapter. Most of you are probably wondering about Riley. I actually mentioned her in either Chapter 8 or 9. It was a quick flashback at the party. Tell me what you think.

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