Chapter 28 - Pancakes

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Amara's POV

I felt wet slobber on my cheek. I wiped it off with the back of hand, still keeping my eyes shut. Wet slobber met my face again, causing me to wipe it off. A reaction that started to become natural.

"Wake up already!" I heard Cameron whisper yell in his sexy morning voice. I smiled then let my eyes flicker open. Cameron's face was right in front of mine. "Morning." He kissed my lips.

I kissed him back. "Morning." He rolled over to where he was now laying on his back. Being the flirt I was, I rolled over to where I was on top of him. My face was looking at his with a huge smile spread across it.

"Nash is here, remember?" I groaned and rolled my eyes. "Why don't you get dressed?"

"I don't have any clothes." I laughed. His expression went blank. I kissed his cheek which instantly put a smile on his face.

"I think I have some clothes you left here." He said sitting up. I was still on top of him. He adjusted me on his lap to where I was sitting on his thighs; my legs were wrapped around his waist. Cameron kissed my cheek. "Get up. We need to get packed."

"For what?" I asked getting off his lap and sitting on his bed.

"Magcon." He said as if I was stupid.

"Oh yeah." I rolled my eyes at how I forgot. "When is it?"

"Tomorrow." He said getting up and walking to his closet. Tomorrow. I was supposed to pack and persuade my parents by tomorrow.

"Do you know where my phone is?" I asked Cameron as I started to search for my phone.

"Night stand." He answered quickly. I turned to his nightstand and grabbed my phone. I pressed the side button and was about to type my lock password when I saw my recently changed wallpaper. It was a picture of Cameron that had words edited onto it. 'Forever and Always I will Love You.' I smiled then quickly unlocked my phone. I clicked on phone and typed in my mom's number.

"Hello?" She quickly answered.

"Hey mom," I started, I quickly took a breath preparing for the long phrase I was about to spit out. "So you know how Cameron started vine? Well he got famous on it, like really famous, and he joined a tour and he wants to bring me on it."

"Okay. Where?" She asked with a slight tone of confusion.

"Orlando," I quickly responded. "The airline ticket is already paid for. So are the hotel and other stuff."

"Alright, I don't care. You need to get out more anyway. I got to go honey. Bye, love you." She hung up. I locked my phone quickly and sat it back on Cameron's nightstand.

"What'd she say?" Cameron eagerly asked. I looked down at his bed pretending it wasn't the answer he was looking for. I sniffed hoping that would work. "Oh no, it's okay. There are other opportunities." He walked around the bed and sat next to me engulfing me in a hug.

"Cameron," I pretended to choke out. "She said yes." I smiled. He pulled away from the hug.

"Oh my god I hate you!" Cameron yelled then he pushed me on the bed. He then walked back over to his closet to finish packing; I was still lying there laughing my head off. "Done!"

"Packing?" He nodded. "You're fast." I said shocked.

"I literally just threw clothes in my bag." He admitted. I rolled my eyes. "Here." He threw me a pair of my ripped light washed jeans, which he mysteriously got, and a blue Magcon t-shirt.

"How much Magcon stuff do you have?" I asked rhetorically.

"I have a blue beanie too. Want to wear it with that?" I nodded. I had to admit, Cameron did have fashion sense. I grabbed my jeans, the t-shirt and the beanie and went to Cameron's bathroom. I walked inside of it expecting a mess like it always is, but surprisingly it wasn't messy at all. The tile counter was spotless.

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