A Beautiful Voice and The Epilogue

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Third P.O.V

When a child is born for the first time, no one really knows what the first thing thing it hears when it enters the world. For Christine Collins, the first sound that entered her ear canals was a beeping. She opened her eyes and felt the sides of her skull hurting. She opened her eyes at the touch of someone's hand to her cheek. "Johnny?" He was smiling down at her and his eyes were full of love. "I promised you that I'd be here when you woke up, didn't I?" Tears started forming in her eyes and he was there to catch them when they fell. "Johnny, I can hear your voice!" He laughed and it kinda scared her because it was so deep. Johnny looked down at Christine and said, "The doctor said that I couldn't make you hear too many sounds because they might scare you." She rolled her eyes and said, "What noises can possibly scare me?" She asked as she wiped more tears. He pointed to the heart monitor and she said, "What is that?" "It's a heart monitor. It keeps track of your heart beat." Christine reached over and touched it. "It's really annoying." He laughed and laid down beside her. He glided his fingers across her cheek and whispered, "You're so beautiful, Christine." Heat rose in her cheeks and she blushed. "Your voice is beautiful." Johnny bit the inside of his cheek and shook his head. "No. I doubt that." He looked at her and she tried to convince him that his voice was the most beautiful thing she ever heard. Christine was in the hospital for a couple of days before she was finally discharged and sent home. Unfortunately, they had to stay at the motel for a few days for Christine to get used to the sounds around her. Johnny took her to the beach and she saw the ocean for the first time and heard the waves crashing against land and rocks. Time passed and Johnny decided to move Christine out of the house that she had lived in for over nineteen years and he took her to New York where she could excel in an art college. He paid for every expense that she needed. After her freshman year, Christine became pregnant with Johnny's baby and that's when Johnny completely disappeared...

DJ: Hey guys! This is it...Silence is now complete. The sequel will probably start later in the day as soon as I can get a few other things done and a title for the sequel. :) Please comment if you enjoyed and thanks for sticking with me through it. Thanks for reading! :D

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