Part one

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Hi, I'm Callie, well Callie Jones to be formal, haha. I'm thirty one years old, wow bloody hell only seemed like yesterday I was running in the school field, then going shopping with my best friends like normal teenagers till it all changed, I changed, my life changed... All started when I was about seventeen after a party I went too, I made the bad decision to walk home alone, and that sight still causes me fear now, but not like it did then...
As I said it was a February night, about midnight I think from what I can remember, well...
"Alex I'm heading home now, it's late and I'm feeling rather sick from all the cocktails." I yelled over the club music when I eventually found my best girlfriend Alex, she was wearing an over revealing black low neck play suit, with stilettos. She looked wasted but just about got what I was saying.
"Oh babe don't leave!" She swished her strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder her brown eyes looking sad. Her 'boyfriend' (well someone she has an occasional shag with) luke was pulling her back to the dance floor.
"No I need to go" I replied laughing at her attempt at a puppy dog face. "Plus I think someone wants you back." I raised a accusing eye brow then waved her good bye. She asked if I wanted her to walk back with me but I didn't think she was in a fit state to be walking anywhere.
I walked out of the sweaty, alcohol smelling bar into the fresh but cold air of the night, people smoking outside laughing and stumbling over eachother just made me want to escape even more. I walked down the small quiet road of the outskirts of the east side of London, it was a dodgy area but I've never had any trouble. I did this all the time after a party, I curled myself into my coat as I turned down a road where the street lights were flickering, I walked down the dead street I started to hear some weird noises, what the fuck was that? I slowed down my walking pace as I got closer, there was more than just two people having a punch off, I could hear loads of men.
"Tell me right now. Or you won't be walking out of here alive yourself!" A deep voice sounded from behind the dustbin in an ally way. Shit shit shit what do i do!? Call the police? Stop it myself? Oh my god what are you thinking Callie you can't stop a bloody fight between grown men in a gang!! It sounded threatening so I stayed where I was, no noise or movement would get me out of this one, so I stayed frozen behind the dustbin. Several minuets passed of conversation between all of them, I had managed to find a gap to see through, I counted twelve men against three, it sounded like they were both in gangs and one had killed a member of the other gang, and wanted to know where their leader was.
"Bastard! Tell me where he is!" One of the bigger gang said fiercely, and hit him one, a hard one I almost felt it.
"I won't tell you anything, your a brave one Jace, being the leader of a gang and still fighting your own battles. Instead of sacrificing your men to live like our leader." He victim was on the floor bleeding but laughing at 'Jace'
"Well unlike you and your leader, I prefer to see my victims faces as they die, and I don't wimp out on a good fight and get others to do my dirty work." He pulled out a gun, I gasped quietly, as all of his men got out their guns too.
"You wouldn't dare kill all of us, you know you would be hunted forever, there would be no escape Jace, you pull that trigger and your a dead man." The other man replied his dark features and tattoos now bloody and weakened by Jace's fury.
I saw a devilish twinkle in his eye as he smirked and replied "bring it." Then BANG BANG BANG three triggers were pulled and each of the three men fell in sinc to the ground, their bodies hit the ground with a loud thump. I jumped so much I didn't realise I had moved from behind the trash bin, and was now standing right in front of the other gang, who were now cleaning their hands and guns. I was so speechless, I couldn't move my legs, I wasn't thinking straight. I saw blood, loads of blood pouring from the bodies on the floor.
"OI, YOU!" One of the men had turned and seen me standing there, in my slutty dress, leather jacket, heels, and horrified face. The one names of Jace turned his face to look at me. My eyes widened in fear, he was absolutely gorgeous, even in this dark I could see his blue eyes glistening in the light of the moon, his messy blonde hair blood stained but arranged in the perfectly messy way.
"GET HER, SHES SEEN TOO MUCH!" He yelled suddenly, then everything flashed in front of my eyes, men running towards me, bangs, thumps, and then blackness....
"She's coming around sir." I heard a voice in the far distance, it was hazy and slurred, I felt a comfy surface beneath my back, and head, it felt really nice. My eyes fluttered open, I yawned with satisfaction.
"Mum am I late for school?" I looked around me, but all I could see where men's faces, all of them rough, but all of them attractive, extremely attractive. It was like one of those dreams you have about being woken up by handsome men ready to seduce you, only this was real, and I had no idea- wait, last night, blood, guns, blonde hair, gangs, death, Jace....
"Get away from me!" I yelled, jumping out of my seat to the other side of the huge room. The men walked towards me, surrounding me.
"Men, men, come on now, let me talk to her..." A voice from the back sounded, all the men moved aside and a tall, lean, bold figure walked towards me. I took in all his features, his messy but now clean hair, now fell in a more arranged messy way, but still looked good on him, his blue eyes, oh those blue eyes now looked better than ever before (last night) they had a teasing look to them, but it made my stomach flip uncontrollably. He smirked when he reached me, he looked me up and down then back up to my eye again.
"Looks like we got our self a stalker boys." He laughed then he leaned in closer and closer, I could feel his breath in my ear as he whispered. "Do you know what we do to stalkers around these parts, pretty lady?" His breath sent a shiver down my spine.
I was terrified but I had to act as if I wasn't scared so I smirked and gave him some sass. "Oh no, I don't, but why don't you enlighten me?" I whispered back then moved away from him, to look him square in the face. A flicker of amusement flashed on his face, then he went serous again. "Hmmm, how much did you see last night?" He crossed his buff arms, and clenched his jaw, perfect jaw I might add.
"Every single bit. Not being funny but next time you may want to find a new place to play with your toys." I threw back crossing my arms to mimic. All of the others laughed and made sounds like 'oooooh' and 'burnnnn' which only made me more confident. But his eyes changed, like I saw them last night, he got closer but spoke louder this time. "Listen up, missy. But you have no idea who I am, what I can do, and what your getting yourself into-"
I cut him off causally, this was beginning to get interesting, but I was still terrified. "At the moment you seem like a jerk who can't whisper and has brought be so kindly back to his humble home to sober up." I said a matter of factly.
His eyes burned into mine, I could feel his anger. "Boys what do you think we should do with her?" He asked them not taking his eyes off me.
"We can't let her go boss, she would report us...she knows too much already, but we can't kill her either because she would be known missing and the police would search for her." One of the men who seemed like his second in command replied firmly.
"Those are all true points." He nodded then looked back at me.
"I'll keep silent..." I started to crack with my sass now because I was scared they might kill me.
"I don't doubt it, as you've see what would happen, but we can't trust you yet, you will stay here till we know your trust worthy and you see we aren't just killers." He told me smirking, flashing his perfectly neat white teeth beneath those plush lips.
"So I'm a prisoner?" I scowled, looking at each of them in turn.
"If you want to look at it in that way then yes, or you could see it as a fun vacation, with loads of fit boys, booze and parties?" He laughed, it was an amazing sight to see someone so handsome laugh like he just did. "Boys show her to her room." Then he left, just like that, taking his second in command and another dude with him,
What the fuck have I gotten myself into?...

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