1) Warning signs

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Tanya rummaged though her bag. Her torch had gotten stuck right at the bottom, rolled between the articles and online theories about Wester Drumlin.

She fished it out and turned it on. The dim light illuminated the rusty gates of the old house. As if the peeling paint and overgrown garden weren't enough of a warning sign, an actual warning sign had been nailed to the gates.

Unsafe structure. Do not enter.

Tanya entered anyway. It was only an old house. An old house with a lot of horror stories. They were all slightly different but they all ended up the same way; with a disappearance. Tanya wasn't sure if she believed it. It was a little far fetched. Like the plot of a bad horror movie. But still, the house was intriguing.

The door was locked and apparently kicking it down only worked in movies. Tanya was just glad she had come alone, it wasn't her best moment. Kicking down one of the boarded up windows worked better. Tanya crawled though, getting herself coated in dust. The house really looked abandoned; all it needed was a ghost.

Tanya didn't let herself think of ghosts. Wester Drumlin may be creepy but she refused to be creeped out.

She opened up her backpack again, looking for a camera this time. April had leant it to her. Tanya crept though the house silently despite being all alone. Wester Drumlin had been abandoned decades ago and now carried a legacy of ghost stories. Tanya had come out of curiosity. With that many warnings, it was practically an invitation.

Tanya took photos of the house. Peeling wallpaper and creaky floorboards were nothing compared to fallen chandeliers and cracked photographs. Tanya finished taking photos of the hall and moved into an old dining room.

A long strip of wallpaper was hanging down. Most of the house was in a similar state of aged decay. But it was what was underneath the wallpaper that caught Tanya's attention. She put the camera back into the safety of her bag and reached up.

Only two letters were visible 'BE'. Tanya pulled on the ugly wallpaper to reveal the rest of the word.


Tanya took a step back. Her trip to Wester Drumlin had taken a turn from ironically creepy to terrifying.

Steadying herself, Tanya pulled more paper off.


Ripping more paper revealed more warnings. More hastily written this time.

'Oh, and duck! Really, duck!'

Tanya turned around, suddenly paranoid. She was alone and there hadn't been a single noise since she arrived.

"I'm under too much pressure." Tanya told herself. The message was probably a century old now. There was no way it could possibly apply to her.

Still, just to be sure and calm herself down a little, Tanya pulled the last quarter of the wallpaper away.

'Tanya Adeola duck, now.'

Tanya barely had time to register her shock before she ducked. Whoever had written it knew her name. It seemed like they were looking out for her.

Despite the warning, Tanya still jumped when the window behind her smashed.

Something bounced off the wall and broke on the as it fell. Without the warning, it would have hit Tanya directly on the head.

Pottery crushed under her trainers as Tanya stepped around.

She shone the light of her torch to the garden. There was no one there. The only thing apart from weeds was a winged statue, sliver under the moonlight. The angel had pale hands covering its face.

Tanya turned away. The person had written about an angel. And their warning about ducking had saved her. Maybe she should beware of the angel.

Tanya jumped as the last scrap of wallpaper fell down. Usually she wasn't so jumpy but Wester Drumlin had left her with an uncomfortable feeling she couldn't shake off.

There was more writing.

'Love from the Doctor (1969)'

Tanya didn't want to stick around for longer than necessary, so took a photo of the strange warning with her mobile phone instead of April's camera.

Tanya ran out without turning back but if she had, she would seen the angel outstretch a stone arm and widen its mouth to reveal sharp, pointed teeth.

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