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Hello all those who have decided to give this a try. This will be a collection of tips and tricks to writing a story from a silly author who hopes to help those who wish to begin their journey as writers. It is not an easy one and sometimes it seems too tough. Hopefully these tricks that I've gotten over the last 10 years of writing will help you get past a writer's block or start your first story!

I know there are plenty of threads where all kinds of advice is given. I have commented a good bit in them myself since joining Wattpad. However, I do get comments or messages from time to time from readers who would like my personal opinion or advice on how to start their own stories. I am by no means a professional seeing as writing has always just been a hobby of mine for years but, I give them the best advice I can and have decided that I would like to write about some of that.

If there are specific pieces of advice you would like or any questions go ahead and ask or request something. I will try to answer all those in this bit by bit and I am sure some of them will be questions that others have as well or will have at some point.

I hope we can all discuss our different ways of solving problems we find ourselves facing while writing. Everyone handles situations in their own ways so it would be great to hear advice from you as well so feel free to leave some in the comments. I hope we can all enjoy this and we have fun!

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