Maybe ignorance is bliss?

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If they knew the whole truth, would it help anything? Would it relieve any feelings of distress? Or would it hinder them from moving on? I'm not sure I want to find out.
    I've been walking around aimlessly for at least an hour and my whole body is starting to go numb as a result of the harsh mountain weather. I decide that it's time I got back to the cave, regardless of whether or not they wanted me to be there. If it weren't for me they wouldn't even have seen Jess alive and well ever again, so maybe they'll show some empathy.
    I head towards the cave, my hair bouncing with each step. I used to love the sound of snow crunching underneath my feet but now I abhor it. I despise not knowing whether it's snow or the remains of a human body that's under my feet. I do think I'm starting to understand why Ashley became the way she did. It's not my fault, and they don't understand anything about any of this really, I don't think they'd want too.
    Finally, I  reach the cave but I am greeted with scowls and nasty looks from people who not long ago, trusted me.
  "Guys, I'm sorry, you don't understand, I.." I start to speak but I'm quickly cut off by Mike.
   "No, we understand. It's almost like we're puppets to you, right? We're just stranger's who's feelings are so easily read, because when you told me you were a psychologist, you never meant an average therapist." He shakes his head in what appears to be disgust, but could quite possibly be hatred. "People like you are what's wrong with the world." He turns away and puts his hands on his neck.
   "Excuse me?" I reply. Not because I didn't hear him, he yelled so I definitely heard, I was just hoping he'd said the wrong thing and that he didn't mean it.
   "You heard me loud and clear. You are sick." He faced me yet again, his expression cold and his eyes piercing through me like daggers.
   "You don't know what I do. You don't know how hard I've tried to cure your friend Josh, who, by the way, is suspected to have schizophrenia but I'm sure that's not important because he's worth nothing to you anymore if he's a wendigo, right? There is so much about your own friends you don't know and that I do. Stuff that you'd probably want to know about but seeing as I'm the sick one I'll just keep all my secrets to myself." I lost it. I've been up here too long and I've finally cracked. And I'm not stopping here either. "Oh, explain this. You think that government work to help cure psychological and odd diseases is sick, but 'pranking' your friend with the intention of hurting her is perfectly fine until she ends up dead is completely okay? All of you, every single one of you has messed up big time. You have no right to judge me." Everyone stares at me, silently. They don't know what to say. Before anyone gets the chance to reply I walk into the cave, grab my bags and I walk away.
   As I walk without any clue as to where I'll end up, I cry. Tears form in my eyes, roll down my cheeks and leave the tiniest indentation in the snow below me. I sit down at an old looking tree and bury my face into my knees. Maybe I was too harsh, maybe he was too. Maybe I should go back and apologise. No. He called me sick. But what he doesn't know is that I've helped almost everyone of his friends in some way. But maybe Mike is too sensitive to know all this. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

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