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(This is the final chapter, but please read the end)

(Y/n POV)
It's been a month since the incident. I went to therapy, like last time. And I was doing great. My leg healed up, and my cuts left tiny scars everywhere. I was happier now, though. I got a bigger place, and everyone got separate rooms.

F/n was promoted not too long after that day, to Lieutenant. They worked quite a lot, but they were cracking down on bad people like a great cop should.

Lafayette healed up nicely too, having a concussion and the injured shoulders. He was now sitting up in his room, in the second floor. I owed him a lot, so he got the nicest room... it was a start.

Jefferson had a permanent limp but he got a really nice cane to help him walk.
Alexander got back into public office with him and they were now going against one another on a whim. It was adorable. They won their way into the law making body for New York City together, however.

Two more surprises that came along with these last few weeks were-

"Hey, aunt Y/n, where are the spoons? Aunt Angelica wants more ice cream, and I want some too." I heard.

I looked over and smiled. "Oh...they're in the top drawer, Philip."

Yes, we were moving out of our last place and found Alexander's sister-in-law's, wife, and oldest son asleep among the boxes, like how I had found him and everyone else. I had never seen a man so happy. Peggy was even there too! I hadn't heard much about her but she was amazing at video games, she had already beat the household champion: Laurens, ten times today!

"Thanks... when's dad gonna be back from work?" Philip asked.

"I dunno... probably within the hour." I answered, "Enjoy your ice cream."

Eliza called out, "Philip, don't eat too much."

"Don't worry, mom, I'm going to spoil dinner!"

Ah motherhood...

Bf/n was sentenced to life in prison, no parole, and given mental rehabilitation. It's obvious he needed it. He wasn't a worry to me anymore. I was a free woman!


I found it this morning, that due to our lustful nights together... I'll just get to the point... I'm pregnant, and my stupid "pro-life" parents made me promise no abortion. I guesss..... they could be right. I was still emotionally distressed when I heard two weeks ago, but I e come to terms with it. Why? How? I don't know, I just sat down and talked with everyone.

I was originally just going to consider an abortion because Bf/n was the father... but then I realized, they're half of me too! And they'll be raised around all these great people... Lafayette would teach them French right off the bat, Alexander will teach them how to write, Jefferson would teach them class, Madison would too, Burr could help them learn to read, Mulligan apparently loved kids, Laurens would be the fun Uncle, Washington would teach the, self defense, Philip the older sibling, and the Schuyler sisters could give me good parenting advice. I was all set and so loved.

I looked passed the bad and was in the good.

Alexander and Jefferson opened the door quickly, running in.

"Okay...nobody freak out..." Jefferson began.

Angelica rolled her eyes. "We won't freak out unless you give a reason to, like running in like that..."

"Sorry... we just..." Alexander rubbed his forehead. "Um... its better if you look." He ducked in the hallway and dragged in an unconscious man. He had blondish hair, pale skin and was wearing red stripped pajamas.

"Another one!? You guys are killing me!" I walked over, as did everyone else. Lafayette came down the stairs, and a Washy sniffed the man's face.

"It's...King George..." Burr whispered.

His eyes shot open and he screamed rather girly. A few of us couldn't help but start laughing!

"Where- what!?" The king sat up and backed into a wall. He took a deep breath and shut his eyes. He opened, narrowed. "...Mr. Jefferson... pleasure to see you again..." he clenched his teeth.

"Likewise..." Jefferson said slowly in response.

Obvious disdain, I thought.

Well this was going to be fun.

(This was a good ending right? I have the sequel planned for April!! Good sequel bait, aye? Alright, I need an idea for a villain and some stuff to happen next boom, entitled, "Indeed, Weird"
Any idea is good idea but only some will make it! Any questions? Pm me! I hope you enjoyed "how weird is this")
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