Chapter 6 | | Barbie and Ken

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Chapter 6 | | Barbie and Ken

I was standing at Noah's car, waiting for him so that we can start on our project. I've already received some glances and from some girls but I just ignored it since this is not the first time. I waited and waited but he didn't show up. Finally, after about fifteen minutes I saw his silhouette making his way towards me.

"Sorry for being late.", he said, looking for his car.

"No problem.", I quickly replied and we hopped in the car.

The ride was really not one of my most talkative moments. I mean not that I was eager to talk to him but it is still kind of awkward. Suddenly, Noah decided to break the silence: "Why do you hate me so much?", he asked, not taking his eyes off of the road.

I snapped my head. What ?


"You heard me, Princess."

This is the question that I honestly expected him the least to ask me.

"Because I don't like you", I spat.

"Ok and why is that ? I've been everything but rude to you. What is your problem?

"You want to know why ? Because you are an asshole. That is why. The way how you treat girls and keep up this Bad Boy Image. I don't get this pretentious fuss and the cockiness. It seriously annoys the hell out of me. Why do use people and throw them away like trash."

He started laughing. What ? Why the hell is he laughing ?

"You are really stupid for someone who pretends to be a smart and independent girl. What is your life motto ? Judging at first sight ? Have you ever tried to form an unbiased opinion by yourself ?"

I was shocked. No, really. I was not able to say a word. never ever in my life did anybody say something like this to me. Me ? Judgemental ? What the hell ?

"Excuse me ?", I barely managed to say.

"Have you ever thought about the idea that the girls are the ones who keep coming to me and not vice versa ? I'm not the one who desperately tries to get someone's attention but they are and think about this: they keep trying to get me to notice them and make out with them or even more, although they know about my "reputation". They know that I will probably dump them sooner or later. I've never promised them anything but they don't care because of some illusion they have made up in their head and later blame me to be the asshole because I did not live up to their expectations. Who is the pretentious one now ?", he asked me .

Wow. I have never thought about it that way. I think barely someone did that. He is actually right. I mean why would you try to get someone's attention when you know that they won't have serious intentions. Maybe for once it is not the Bad Boy who needs to be blamed. I mean it is still not right to treat people like this but there are surely some girls that keep looking for attention. No matter how they'll get it.

I did not dare to say anything. The awkward silence returned and I could not ignore the fact that he is really pissed. I guess, I do have that kind of effect on people....

After we arrived at his house we got out of the car and made our way to his house. This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen, it was not very big but it made you feel comfortable. Those things you see and you immediately felt contented. Like looking at a sunset. That house looked like home. It was light blue with a white door- and window frame and a small white porch, connected to stairs where a little girl was sitting on. She was playing with her Barbies and her head shot up right away after she noticed Noah and me, drawing closer to his house.

"Noaaah!", she yelled while running towards us and hugged his legs. It was the little girl from Noahs Facebook photo I saw yesterday.

"Hey, Gracie", stroking her head. "Where is mom?", he asked.

"In the kitchen.", Gracie responded and looked at me with her big blue eyes.

"Who are you?"

"This is Sofía.", Noah explained and Gracie let Noah out of her hug and came closer to me.

"You are very pretty.", her words caused me to smile. "Thank you, you are pretty yourself."

She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stairs. "Come on, I need to show you my Barbies."

I sat down on the stairs and Gracie handed me one of her Barbies."Let's play", she cheered.

"Gracie, leave her alone. We need to do our project", Noah groaned.

"But she wants to play with me and not with you", she whined and stuck out her tongue.

"I'm pretty sure that she wants to play with me", he smirked at me.

"Even in front of your sister you cannot keep your insinuating remarks for yourself, can you ?"

"Calm your tits. She is too young to understand it", he shrugged and made his way up to the door.

"I promise you, Gracie, I'll play with you some other time.", I smiled at her and she sighed. "Fine."

I stood up and walked inside. As I entered the room, I saw a woman standing in a kitchen smiling at me. The kitchen and the living room, not divided by a wall or anything.

"Hello, you must be Sofía.", she greeted me. The woman was in her late thirties and had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was utterly gorgeous which explains where Noah has his good looks from.

"Yes, I am. Nice to meet you Mrs. Evans.", I smiled back.

"Oh, just call me Olivia. Noah is in his room upstairs. It is the third room to the right. Have fun."

"Thank you.", I responded and went upstairs. I stood in front of his door. I froze immediately when I heard Noah's voice. He was talking to someone.

"No Eddy, I don't like her. She is just some chick I have to do a project with.", I heard him saying, obviously talking on his phone.

I don't know why but his words kind of hurt. Not that I cared about his opinion but it really does not feel good when someone says something like this behind your back. It is weird that some little, tiny part inside of me expected him to like me, on a friendly basis of course.

"Well obviously you do not know me, even though you are my best friend. She is annoying and sarcastic and talks back to me all the time. She makes it more than evident that she does not like me.", he responded.

Well, if you weren't such an asshole I wouldn't have to be so sarcastic all the time. What a douche.

"Eddy, I know that you and Jackson started liking her and even became sort of friends with her but that does not mean I have to be her friend too and those remarks are just some kind of playing around. I do that with girls all the time."

Wow, ok that was harsh. I didn't expect me to be the love of his life but I really did not think that he sees me like one of his bimbos. In one moment he acts all like "No we will do this project together" and now I'm a sarcastic and annoying bitch. Magnificent. I really do not want to stay here any longer, but I have to do this project and I cannot just run out of the house with some reasonable excuse. I just started liking him a little bit and now...Ugh. In the end, all those bad boys are the same and when you don't want to see it, you have to learn it on the hard way....

I took a deep breath, knocked on the door and slowly opened it.



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