Death (I promise these aren't *that* morbid!)

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Recently, I noticed my last to chapters were...kind of...sort of...maybe...strange......


and lost my only vote :''(



One day, there was a man wore his jacket backwards because it prevented the ends from flapping about. He got in a car accident and landed on his face. When the police came, they noticed him on the ground. One officer said,"Hey, look! His head is facing the opposite direction, but he's still breathing! Let's turn his head around," and they did so. CRACK!!! The man's breathing stopped.

(For those idiots out there who are not getting this joke, the police thought that he was facing them because of the jacket, and therefore ended his life)

A man's friend's business had just moved to a brand new place. Hearing this, he sent him some flowers. When the friend received flowers, the note card said,"R.I.P." The friend is shocked, and the two men realize that the man's note had been switched with another persons. Angrily, they go to the florist and confront him. The florist's reply was,"I know you guys feel annoyed, but think of the poor dead person who got the flowers saying 'Congratulations on your new location'!"

Three rich guys surround their friend's grave. One man throws in one thousand dollars and says,"You were a great man." The second man, not to be outdone, also throws in one thousand dollars and says,"Hope you have a great time in heaven." The third man, the cleverest of them all, writes a check for three thousand dollars, throws it into the grave and scoops up the two thousand dollars already in the grave, and says,"I appreciate all the things you have done for me."

Three men had just died in a car accident. They decided to go to God together as a group because they kept no secrets from each other. The first man steps up, and God asks,"Did you treat your wife with respect? Did you cheat on her? And most important of all, did you love her?" The man says that he didn't treat his wife with respect, he cheated on her, but he still loved her. Because of this, God decides to give him a bike because he loved his wife. The second man steps up, and God asks him the same questions. The man said that he didn't cheat on his wife and loved her, but he didn't treat her with respect. God decides to give him a motorcycle because even if he didn't respect her, he still loved her and didn't cheat on her. The last man steps up, and God asks him the same questions. The man said that he treated his wife with respect, didn't cheat on her, and loved her. God is very happy, and decides to give him a Lamborghini because of this. A few days later, two of the men find the third man crying, and ask him,"Why are you crying? You have a Lamborghini and life is good." The third man lifts his head up and says,"I just saw my wife. On roller blades."


Good? Bad? Awful? Worse? Terrible? BUMFUZZLING??????

Do you prefer me to post, joke by joke, or do something like this, with about four or five jokes per post but with random posting?

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