Chapter 19

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It has been 2 days since i last saw and spoke to Dylan and i'm trying to think of what to do. 

I was sat at home when the door bell went of i sighed and walked over and picked it up. "Hello" I said i sounded weak. "Hi Jade it's me Dylan" He said and i wanted to cry. "Come up" I said and i sighed i walked over to the door and opened i watched him as he walked towards me. "Jade hi" He said as he looked at me. "Hi" I said and he was standing in front of me. "Can i come in so we can talk?" He asked and i just nodded and i stood to the side and i watched him walk in and then i shut the door and i followed him into the living room and we sat down. "I want to say how sorry i am for how i treated you the other day i was in the wrong" He said and i just nodded. "Dylan that's not the point your letting your ex girlfriend live with you and then your with me she calls and boom your gone" I said and he looked at me and took my hands in his. "Jade i feel like an idiot you mean so much to me you are my world Jade and you are my priority and i can't deal with Lucy anymore there has been so many times i have wanted to come and speak with you but Lucy kept telling me leave it" He said and i wanted to scream. "Why listen to her Dylan if you didn't come today i was going to end things with you if you would have come earlier i wouldn't be so upset and hurt by this whole situation. We come back from New York happier then ever she turns up and destroys it you let her" I said and i had tears rolling down my eyes. "Jade i don't want her i just want you" He said. "Is she still at yours?" I asked this is the question that could end us for good. "Yes but she has brought a place and she will be gone in the next few days" He said and i nodded. "Dylan she will always have power over you" I said and he looked at me holding my hands a little tighter. "No she doesn't all you have to do is tell me to stay away from her and i will" He said and i looked at him. "Dylan i can't control you" I replied. "I'm yours" He said and i rushed onto his lap and kissed him passionately there was something about him saying that made me want to. 

We laid in my bed i was wrapped in his arms and our legs where entwined. "Come round mine for dinner tomorrow" He said and i looked at him and i didn't know what to say.  "Will she be there?" I asked. "Yes but not for the dinner it will just be us" He said. "Fine but if she does anything like flirt or touch you im gonna kill her" I said and he smiled. "Wow is my women a little jealous and protective" He said jokingly.

I was so pleased that we finally sorted things out i have to admit i have really missed him. 

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