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2 weeks later.

I was standing under the shower. Carl was back on his feet and feeling good. Well, with one eye.
I got out of the shower and put some clothes on.

I walked out of the shower and saw Daryl getting ready in my room

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I walked out of the shower and saw Daryl getting ready in my room.

Me " I wanna come with you"

Daryl raised his eyebrow "so that you can get shot again? No way"

Me " but I'm still standing, Daryl"

Daryl " you're staying "

He walked to me and put his hands around my waist " you got lucky this time, it was only a flesh wound"

I nodded " you should've killed the guy. Your Crossbow is gone now"

Daryl "  It was either you or the Crossbow "

Me " And you chose me"

Daryl nodded " of course i did"

I put my arm around his neck and kissed him. He kissed back.

Me " I love you, Daryl"

Daryl " I love you, princess"

I smiled.

Daryl " but don't ever scare me like that again"

I shook my head " Can't promise. I took a bullet for you, D. I mean, it has to mean something"

He chuckled and we walked down.

Daryl " take it easy today"

I nodded " hey, can you bring me some candy? Only if you find some"

Daryl nodded shrugging" sure"

He walked out. Dad was already in the car.

Me " Stay safe. Both of you"

I looked at Dad. Daryl then got into the car. 

Me " bye"

Dad and Daryl nodded " bye"

Then they drove off.

I walked back inside and upstairs into Dad's room. I saw Michonne getting ready.

I leaned against the door frame and smirked at her " I knew it"

She turned to me and I sat down on the bed.

Michonne " knew what?"

Me " You and dad"

She smirked at me and I smirked back.

Michonne sat down next to me " we are just friends but would you accept it if something would happen?"

Me " Dad accepted Daryl, of course, i will accept you"

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