"Crossbow Or She's Dead"

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I felt someone carrying me. I slowly opened my eyes. I was on Daryl's shoulder. I groaned softly. Daryl shook his head. I saw his hands were tied and so were mine.

I got the hint from his head shaking and pretended to be still out. 

Then i whispered quietly " Boot, knife"

Daryl nodded.

Suddenly he stopped. I heard a man and a gun click.

Man " are you saying I should kill you? Or your girl?"

I could feel that he aimed it at me.

Man " I mean it, pull shit on us and she's dead. Right now, by me not pulling this trigger, is that a mistake? I'm serious. I really wanna know. You made a choice to kill for someone else, to have then owe you for a roof over your head and three squares, so maybe I'm not considering all aspects here. You tell me, am I being stupid?"

Daryl shook his head " no. Look, we got somewhere to be. We can make a deal. I can help you out. "

Man " you're one of them. You're hurt and you're afraid for her and you'd say anything. We should've never trusted you people to begin with. go on. Keep moving"

Daryl walked again.

They were mistaking us for someone else.

I opened my eyes a bit. We were out of the woods and standing in front of a fence.

I really was afraid now and whispered " D?"

Suddenly he moved really fast, grabbed something and ran into the woods. I could here someone shooting. And then I realized I got shot again. In my hip.

I yelled up.

Daryl " what's wrong?"

I cried out" I saved your head by getting shot"

Daryl " shit, Ken"

He ran and then stopped. He sat me down and opened my tied up hands. I helped Daryl with his hands.

He took the walkie out " Sasha, Abraham,"


Then he pulled my shirt up.
Right into my hip.

Daryl " it didn't went through"

Me " If it went through you would have had a bullet in the back of your head"

Daryl " we need t-"

Then we heard a walker.

I froze. 

Daryl spun around and opened the bag.

Me " Daryl?"

It was coming closer. 

He couldn't get the crossbow out. 

Me "Daryl"

He shot it in the head.

I looked into the bag. There was a Insulin box.

then i pressed my hand on the wound.

Daryl stood up.

My eyes widened, scared  " where are you going? D- Don't leave me"

Daryl " I need to give it back. I'll come back for you. Always. Now stay here"

He gave me my blades.
He kissed my forehead and left. I stood up. Then he and the man with the teenies came back.

Daryl threw me over his shoulder and I held back a scream.

We hid behind some fallen trees.

Me " What-"

Daryl " shh"

Then I saw a man. Daryl rustled on the tree and the man got bit by an walker.

I was still bleeding. Hard. The other man cut his friends arm off.

The man who shot me looked at us "we thought you were with them. We knocked you over the head, tied you up, threatened to kill your girl... why the hell did you come back?"

Daryl shrugged " maybe I'm stupid, too. "

He then threw me over his shoulders and i hissed in pain. we started walking again.

Daryl " I should kill you for shooting her"

Me " But you won't"

Daryl "so you knew 'em? Still you thought I was one of them?"

Man " Where we were...we were there since the beginning. We still didn't know everyone. Back when we first threw in with them it was as good as place as any . then things got harder, people got harder. Human nature kicked in and it became a truly unique kind of shitshow. "

Girl " people will trade anything for safety, for knowing that they're safe."

Man " everything. So they got nothing left except just...existing. "

Daryl " hey, nobody's safe anymore. Can't promise people that anyhow."

Man " you could promise the people who want to hear it."

My eyes closed. Suddenly I heard one of the girls scream. Tina.
She was bitten by two walkers. They killed them.

My eyes closed again.


Daryl had laid me down to open a grave for the girl.
I took my belt off and I could hear Daryl asking that guy the questions.

I put the belt around my waist and pressed it on the wound. I yelled up. I lost a few tears.
I closed my eyes again.

Daryl then shook me  " come on "

He threw me over his shoulders and we walked back to the bike.

Then he put me on it and shoved the bike again. Suddenly I heard a  gun cock.

Daryl sighed annoyed " damn it"

He let go of the bike and tried to grab his Crossbow but the guy already had the gun at him. The bike fell to the side but i could roll off before i got caught underneath it. I was standing next to Daryl. 

Man " give her the Crossbow. "

Daryl " You gonna go back? You gonna be safe?"

Man snapped " shut up"

Daryl shook his head " ain't nowhere safe no more."

Man growled" give her the Crossbow "

Daryl mocked " You gonna kneel?"

Then he shot. I looked and the bullet hit a tree.

Me " how- how about I give you my blades?"

Man " the Crossbow and the blades . "

The man pointed at me " or she's dead"

I looked at Daryl.
He gave them the Crossbow and my blades. 

They took the bike and drove off.

I sighed. 

He helped me up " you're loosing too much blood "

Me " No shit"

He put an arm around me and we walked back to the spot where he had dropped the bike in the first place.

There was a big van. Daryl killed the walker and threw it out. He carried me on the passenger seat and he drove off.

I leaned against the window.

Daryl put a hand on my thigh and shook me " eyes open"

I nodded " mhmm"


After a while he stopped the car. Sasha and Abraham got in.

Sasha said shocked when she saw me" oh my god"

I nodded " I know"

We all sat in the front.
He started driving again.

My eyes closed and drifted off.

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