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The beginning

Bam was looking at his own reflection in the mirror but he didn't seem to recognize himself anymore. His eyes were bloodshot, any stranger would think he was under the influence of alcohol or something even stronger than that. But that wasn't the case, he was restless. He hadn't slept for what felt like eternity but in reality it had only been 48 hours.

He looked at his lips in the mirror. The smile he once wore was replaced by a frown which gave no sign of disappearing any time soon.

He just couldn't stop thinking back about that moment. The moment he got his heart broken into a million pieces.

Confessing his love for her was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He scared her off, she's gone now.

Bam couldn't bring himself to put his phone down after Hunter hung up on him, instead he kept on holding it against his ear, not wanting to believe she actually ended the phone call.

He could remember Ryan talking to him but he didn't hear what he was saying. Bam felt like exploding, feeling the frustration build up in his body. He wanted to shout, yell, break the windows, beat his hands on the steering wheel.. but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He just sat there, blocking out Ryan's attempt to talk to him. Bam felt numb, it was like something inside of him died.

"Bam, what's happening?" Bam heard Missy's panicky voice yell from downstairs.

Bam didn't even realise what happened until he looked down at his hands. His left hand was covered in blood and scratches and when Bam looked up again he realized why. The mirror he was staring in just a second ago was nothing more than a shard now.

"Bam what are you doing?" Missy yelled as she barged through the door. Her eyes widened in shock as her eyes fell upon Bam's hand and the hundreds pieces of glass on the floor around him.

"Did you break that fucking mirror?"

"Do you even realise how expensive that thing was?" She asked again.

Bam looked at Missy in disbelief for a second, "oh I'm fine. Thanks for asking," he said bitter, "and no. I don't know how expensive that thing was. You were the one who bought it, with my credit card."

Missy rolled her eyes and walked further into the bathroom, looking at the only shard still hanging on the wall. "For fuck's sake," she groaned, "why do you always have to ruin everything?"

"I'm ruining everything?"

Missy looked at Bam as if he was stupid, "you ruined that expensive mirror," she said.

"Is that all you care about?"

Missy rolled her eyes again and walked out of the room, "I swear to god if you ruin the carpet with your blood I'll kill you," she muttered.

Bam frowned and kicked away some glass on the floor out of frustration, "At least I won't have to deal with you anymore then," he said coldly. 

"Excuse me?" Missy turned around to face Bam. She took a step closer, "deal with me? You should be happy that I'm still around, all you ever do nowadays is getting wasted.."

Bam shook his head, "I have to be drunk in order to deal with your shitty behavior. And honestly, you should be happy that I'm still around. You'd be nothing without me, you'd be living on the streets," Bam spat angrily.

Missy gasped in shock, "I'd be nothing without you huh?" she said, "I don't need you. I can take fucking care of myself," Missy lied.

Of course she couldn't take care of herself, it was Bam who always provided her with everything. She's never had a job before, she was fucking spoiled.

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