Teenage Desires

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A loud piercing sound filled my ears, I adjusted to the noise after a while and soon realised it was my alarm clock.

'Blah blah blah; zip your lips like a pad lock'

The sound of Kesha, the singer who tells it like it is, I look up to her... I really do. If only I had the confidence to be more like her, more wild, more free. I laid in bed thinking. I'm stuck in my normal routine. I wake up; have a shower, brush my teeth, sort my hair out, do my make-up, grab my bag... and off to school. The usual right? I don't have a love life or any life really. I'm always too busy to hang with my friends. I have the best friends in the whole world, I really don't know why they put up with. I'm boring ninety nine per cent of the time.

"Snap out of it" I mummered quietly to myself, finally I plucked up some courage and  got myself out of bed. I slipped out of my silk nighty and underwear and got into the shower; I used my favourite shampoo and conditioner, both scented with wild strawberries, my favourite smell in the world. I knew that I needed a quick pick me up and I knew this would do the trick. Soon I shut off the water, pulled back the curtain and wrapped a towel around myself. I made my way back into my bedroom and walked over to my dresser, I slipped on some underwear, put on my uniform and sat myself in front of the mirror. I quickly blow dried my long blonde hair and began to straighten it. I then started to apply my everyday make-up. I have to admit I am very obsessive over my hair and make-up, my father always tells me that I don't need it, truth is, I'm a very insecure person... I've never had the boyfriend to call me beautiful and compliment me, I only have my father and my brother to reassure me; thing is, they have to call me beautiful, it's their job. 


"Yeah Dad?" I called back.

"Hurry up or you'll be later for school!" he replied.

I sighed and got up, he's obviously worried that I'll be late for school again.  

I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs. My dad threw me an apple and we both ran out to the car, my brother Grayson was already in there waiting. He gave me a strange look and stared at me.  

"You look more like Barbie everyday and that's not a compliment." He said to me. 

I looked at him with a look that if looks could kill, he'd be six foot under. I took out my iPod and put my earphones in, I could not possibly go the whole fifteen minute ride listening to him insult me.

I resumed the song that was last played and let the music blast through my headphones, I was so relieved I couldn't hear his whining anymore. By the time I got to school I was well through my playlist and Young Money - Bedrock was on. I got out of the car and waved to my dad, my brother also got out and jogged straight over to his friends who were stood on the steps at the front entrance. I knew that I was late for registration so I made my way there. As I walked in through the front entrance, past my brother's friends, I heard one of them whistle over my music. He then said to my brother, "I'd tap that bro"  

My brother though... let's just say is very over protective. I left as if I didn't hear anything, I couldn't be bothered sorting out a fight my brother would have gotten himself into.

I was flicking through the playlist on my iPod whilst walking through the corridor. I turned the corner and felt a person smash into me. He dropped all his books and my iPod flew out of my hand, we both ended up on the floor. Huge catastrophe... but all I can say is we that we're extremely lucky we were both late and no one was around to witness this.

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