So all you guy probaly hate me for not uploading in a while. But im having a contest. You guys can make a new book cover and i will pick the one i like the best. I am still sorry for not uploading. One more thing im doing a new persons POV so tell me how you like it. THIS IS UNEDITED SO DONT GET MAD.


                                                                                                                  the worlds coolest ninja

                                                           Jordans POV

I would have to say today was a sad day. The triplets where taken away. They didn't want to put alot of pressure on us. It was so sad to see them go.  Mia was watching Cinderella while i made breakfast. Marcus was gettting Mia's stroller ready. We have a new challenge today. We have to spend one day at Disney with the kids. Mia won't quit talking about it.

  I had just got done eating and helping Mia eat when I heard a girly scream. I went upstairs and saw Marcus up againts the wall.

"What are you doing retard?" I asked making sure to sound like i didn't insult him

"Screaming, Duh" He said sassy

"First of all don't sass the Sass Master of Doncasta and second of all why." Yes i forgot to mentoin im from Doncaster. I lived there. Tat is where we came from.

"I-I........ Smashed my finger with the door." He paused way too long.

"You saw a bug didn't you!!???" I said holding in my laughter.

He looked down "Yes" 

I left out the room screaming wimp. I never thought the school player would be afraid of bugs. Only seconds later he came down the stairs with the stroller. We went over the check list.

Pull Ups.. Check

Sippy cup.. Check

Extra cloths.. check

money.. check

mokey backpack(It is Mia's favorit backpack).. Check

camera.. check

Disney Signature Book.. Check

Mickey mouse hat.. Check 

Hairbows.. Check

 We have every thing. I put Mia in her stroller and we left.

        (Ok its time for the new POV)

        Mia's Pov

We went outside and it was real hot. Where where going to some place and we had to walk there.

---------------------------------------------------10 minutes later----------------------------------------------------------------    

    "WHERE FINALLY HERE!!" Mommy yelled

THe sigh had huge letters that sadi D-I-S-N-E-Y. oh it says DIsney.

WE went in and walked around for awhile. Then we played some games.I won a big panda bear and a blow up monkey. I wanted food so we went to the stands. After we ate i went in the fun house with Felix. That is mommy's besties son. we played around for awhile until the said it was time to go home.

                                    Marcus POV

On the way home i was thinking about Jordan. I think I like her but she would never like me. I need to make her like me somehow.

       A/N: Am i rushing the Marcus Jordan thing. REmeber I need a new cover and i need a ship name name for Marcus and Jordan and one for Felix and Mia. I think they are to cute. WEll sorry for not updating in forever love you guysand comment on how you like it so far

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