~Chapter one~

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Your POV

I stood in front of Maria Institute for Talented Children with my bags.'First year.New start.'I smiled and picked up my bags and went to the guides."If all the new students would follow me,I will help you settle in."shouted a girl with short hair and orange hair.I followed her,along with other new students,to the dorms.I was in the Wings building.

After learning where all my classes were and signing up for clubs,I walked to my dorm room.There was a girl sitting on her bed,reading a book.She had brown hair and glasses.She looked at me,when I walked in,and said,"Hi,my name's Sasha.I'm a pianist."

"I'm (Y/N) and I'm a violinist."I said,smiling.I started to unpack when Sasha said,"May I see your violin?"I nodded and showed it to her."It's beautiful.Could you play me a song?"she asked I nodded and started playing. (Check the video for the music!)

After I finished playing,I looked at Sasha."What do you think?"I asked.She just stared at my in amazement.I waved my hand in front of her eyes and said,"Sasha?You okay?"I shook her head and said,"I'm fine.It's just.That was amazing!"she said.I giggled and thanked her,for the compliment,and continued to pack.After I finished packing,Sasha invited me to meet her friends.I agreed and brought my violin.'Maybe they'll like my playing!'

I followed Sasha for a while,when she stopped."(Y-Y/N),you should wait here.I'll come get you."I nodded.She started to walk away.I waited for a few minutes,when I started to get bored.I looked at my violin and grinned.Then,I started to play the same song I played to Sasha.Luckily,I wasn't in a building so I didn't disturb anyone.While I was playing,many other students started to watch me.When I finished,I heard a loud crowd clapping in front of me.I bowed and started to run back to my dorm room."Well,that was embarrassing."I sighed and looked at my violin."I thought nobody would hear me."I sat down on my bed and lay my violin next to me.'I should be glad nobody's noticed me yet.'Just then,I heard a knock on the door.I opened it,and standing in front of me was Sasha with a blonde haired girl and a black haired girl."(Y/N),we saw you playing outside.That was incredible!"Sasha shouted.I blushed a bit and said,"I was just a bit bored.Anyways,who are they?"I looked at the two girls."The blonde one is Christa and the black haired one is Mikasa."I smiled and said,"It's nice to meet you two.I'm (Y/N).I'm a violinist."

"I'm an artist."said Christa.

"I'm a singer."said Mikasa.

Sasha invited Mikasa and Christa into our room to talk.I became friends with the two of them,but we didn't become best friends.After a few hours,Mikasa and Christa left."We should go to bed.We have classes tomorrow."I told Sasha.She agreed,and we went to bed.

So what do you think?Do you like it so far?I think I did a good job!

Hope you enjoyed this chapter! :3

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