Chapter 16

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I took my time to get to school and Jin was already waiting for me outside of my class. I can't escape this can I?

I walk closer to him before I could say anything he grabbed my hand. He drag me to the old theater room. "So tell me."

"Tell you what?" I pretended not to know hopefully he'll just forget about it.

"You know what I mean." He looked at me seriously.

"Why are you like this?"

"Tell me did you meant what you said." He got closer to me with every word he was saying.

"Okay if you go further away I'll answer." He took a few steps back. I was going to speak but the bell ringed. It saved my life, "I have to go now. I'll tell you later! Bye Jin."

"Sowon!" I can hear Jin calling me. I refuse to look back. Why does it matter if I mean it or not. It's not like he like me.

I got to class and Mark was here. "Mark! Are you okay?"

"yeah I am why?" He smile but he was forcing it. He did not look a bit happy at all.

"You weren't here yesterday. I was worried." I said looking at him as his smile dropped.

"You heard?" I nodded. "I'm not mad at Eunji for calling me names but I'm upset that she looked so sad and disgusted with the thought that it was going to be me, who she was going to marry." He played with his finger nervously.

"Mark don't think like that. Eunji feels really bad and wanted to talk to you since the..."


"Yeah she thought you hated her because you didn't show up yesterday to the date."

"She went? I would of thought she lag out that's why I didn't go." He sigh. He ran his finger through his hair. He couldn't help but feel guilty.

"You guys need to talk." He held onto my wrist as he stare at me.

"Its just harder for me now."

"What do you mean?" I stare at him being very confused.

"I already like someone else but there's no way I can escape this marriage. I don't want to marry Eunji but I don't want to embarrass my parents. I used to dream of dating Eunji but now that dream disappeared. What am I going to do now Sowon?" He looked more depressed than ever and it scares me. I was about to say something when the teacher told us to go to our seats. I went to mine as Mark eyes never left me.

What is he so worried about?

Eunji wasn't here today she told me her mom told her. They needed to go plan out the wedding with Mark's parents.

Lunch came around but I didn't want to see him so I made my way to the library. Mark followed me as he didn't want to to eat. He wanted to just hangout with me. I agree as we both went to the library just reading books to pas the time.

"Where were you Sowon? I was looking for you." Jin grabbed onto my wrist as I tried leaving got the locker room.

"Sorry I had last minute homework I didn't finished." I said as he let go of me.

"Then why are you two together?" He pointed to Mark sounding a bit sad.

"He was doing his homework to." I answer. Jin just nodded as he walk away.

"What was that?" Mark asked.

"I don't know..... honestly."

"Well I see you afterwards." Mark smile as me as he walk away.

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