A Special Kind Of Nerd

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A Special Kind of Nerd

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               Nerd- a person who is not usually the social butterfly, who is an expert in some kind of subject.

               Yes I am a nerd, or a fangirl, an overly obsessed dedicated girl, who is in love with books.

               You can call me Geek, or Loser, since that's what the kids at my school call me.

               They pin me to be this socially awkward girl, which I am, which is one of the reasons I'm starting this blog.

               To show them they don't know me.

               Yes, I'm weird.  But I prefer the term ‘special.’

               I’m a special kind of nerd.


               Now, 52 posts later, I'm the owner of a blog that has millions of followers. I'm a 17 year old girl with no life who decided to be popular for once.

               No one knows the identity of the blog owner, except for me, obviously, since I am the owner. My own family doesn't even know I have a blog.

               But one day, somebody moves into my life, changing it forever.

               Or, that is, I move into his.

               Either way, there are a lot of heartbreaks, an elephant-sized, pregnant sister, bad boys, a gay bestie, new friends, the boy who sits in the corner, and me, the nerd with a blog.


               Hilarious, romantic, and a whole lotta books.  If you love to curl up with a novel that can make you laugh, cry, and smile like no tommorow, just try it.  This may be the book for you. 

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