Introduction Part 1

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Sophia's POV...

As I mentioned, whoever it was that said that you only needed a good family and a few good friends to be happy, was a liar. They said that you wouldn't need anything else. I had a good and loving family and just a few good friends. Daisy, Lucy and Jaine. Just those three were my best friends.

There wasn't anything that we didn't much do together. But their friendship and who I assumed was my loving family, didn't stop my life from falling apart. All because my sister was jealous. Of what, I have no idea. She was beautiful and I was just pretty I suppose. But she always wanted what I had for herself. Gradually my friends left me and it was like I didn't exist in my family.

It got to the point that life was so unbearable that I had to leave. Not that I think anyone noticed. I just left. I finished my schooling on my own with no help from anyone and I made a life for myself. I just kept touch with a few acquaintances. I never went out with friends like I had in the past. My schooling was making it too busy for me to be able to do anything like socialise with anyone.

I had to dedicate my life to my studies so that I could achieve my goals. I had graduated earlier than most and was finished with my degrees by the time I was twenty-one. I spent the next few years working for an important organisation that was draining both physically and mentally as well as emotionally. But this was where my heart lead me to be. I had taken a few weeks leave and was visiting my grandparents when my life changed again.

That was the day when I met him when he came to town. An accidental meeting with us bumping into each other, literally. The tall long haired rugged looking man who silently came into town in that old rusty truck and did what he usually did around town, stocking up for the winter and then silently leaving town again until the next time. Which was usually every few months.

But as I stared into his eyes that first time, I was mesmerised with the deep blue eyes that pierced my own looking out at me from a face that would be hard to describe. A face full of character. A face full of stories. A face belonging to a man who has seen things and I would imagine had done things to ensure his survival in the hard and dangerous world we all seem to be living in today.

This was a man who put up with the stares and taunts from those who didn't know the man behind the beard. The man behind the scars. The silent mountain warrior I eventually came to know.

Saxon Phillips.

The man I would eventually come to call my husband through some quirk of fate that surprised both him and myself.


Authors Note: This story will be coming soon. But not until I finish a few others. Hopefully, this introduction is interesting enough to spark your interest. At least, I hope so. I would appreciate it if you let me know what you think by either a vote or a comment.

Thanks, Lyn

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