Chapter 14: Killer paperwork

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Rumpled Guy Dave turned out to not actually be a Dave, surprising no one. His drivers' license said he was Derek Jeremiah Cossald, 27, 5'7, 183lbs, sandy hair, hazel eyes.

His wallet also had his home address, neatly printed in a little insert card, and his keys were in his pocket, so I voted Henry take him home and let him recover on his own couch. I even volunteered to accompany him on this chore.

Henry gave me those eyes, the puppy ones that were wearing thin; I was starting to think kicking would be too good for him. And then I took a deep breath and made myself some tea.

"I just want to say, this is not what I signed up for," I clattered through the cupboard in search of mugs. "Want a cup?"

"Oh, thanks, yeah," Henry said, fussing around R.G.D., or Derek, as he was properly called.

I still hadn't decided if I was going to grant him the dignity of a proper name, seeing as how he'd invaded my home. R.G.D./Derek, that is, not Henry. I wasn't about to go around calling Henry "Superhero", after all. Even though he'd looked pretty heroic. And I guessed I'd end up using Derek's name once he woke up, since R-G-D really wasn't that easy to say. R-G, though... that wasn't so bad. Arrrgeee. Yeah, I might keep that.

"April? Where can I get more bandaids?" Henry held up the empty box in illustration.

"That's all of them."

"Oh. April?"


"We need to go shopping."


He just raised one eyebrow at that, and went back to fussing over RG. I went back to clattering in the cupboard. He was right, unfortunately. I was not set up for this, in too many ways. I'd need more pillows and towels, if nothing else. And beds. And chairs. And glassware, plates, food... Yeah, we needed to go shopping. Crap.

I poured the tea, picked up a mug for Henry, and put it down again. Why should I serve him? Just because I'd agreed to let him stick around. RG groaned in a groggy, not-ready-to-commit to awakeness sort of way.

"Tea's ready," I said, picking up my own mug and leaning against the counter pointedly.

"Thanks," Henry was kneeling beside the couch looking at RG. He shook his head. "I don't think he's gonna be ready for a trip out soon. Better hope there's not another attack any time soon..."

"You might want to back up," I said helpfully, "I'm not sure the first thing RG needs to see is your face."

It sounded nastier out loud than I'd expected. I'd only meant he was kinda dazzling; though maybe RG wouldn't pick up on that. He didn't seem the type to put much stock in appearances. But a shirtless, bandaid-plastered Henry seemed like a bit much for anyone to wake up to.

"Hmm," Henry grinned at me and backed up a few steps. "Maybe you're right. He'd probably respond better to you anyways. You want to keep an eye on him while I have a shower?"

"No," I said, over the rim of my mug. "No, I would not like to keep an eye on the guy you dragged home. Your stray, your responsibility."

Henry came over to pick up his mug of tea and loomed over me in that un-self-conscious way of his, still grinning.

"Is that what you are? One of my strays?"

"House rules," I bared my teeth at him in a humourless grin and took another sip of tea, refusing to engage. I'd set myself up for that one. "Perimeter of four feet, rmember?"

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