A Riker Lynch Love Story

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A/N: This idea just popped into my head so I thought I'd give it a chance. Now I'll take any suggestions and comments that you have. Gracelynn's looks are based on Sofia Black and pretend she has dimples. Also enjoy the gif off to the side of a young Riker singing Bringing Sexy Back! Now enjoy!

                                                                Chapter 1

I sighed as I finished unpacking the last of the boxes of things to put in my room. 

"Honey! Come downstairs!" I head my mom yell from the ground floor. You see, our house had three floors. The lowest floor was our den. It had a huge screen tv, a large couch, two recliners, a computer, a phone, a laundry room, a bathroom, a small bedroom, and a large studio with all the equipment needed. The second floor included the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, a door that led from the dining room to the garage, a hallway that led to the front door and stairs that led up and down stairs. The third floor had my bedroom, my brothers bedroom, my parents bedroom and a bathroom in the hallway. I knew mom wanted to go and meet our neighbors. I looked at my floor length mirror. I was wearing a maroon plaid shirt unbuttoned with a white tank underneath with short denim shorts with black motorcycle boots. I opened my bedroom door and walked downstairs. Mom was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.  

"You ready sweetie? After we meet our new neighbors, we are meeting Mandy, Brian, and Selena for lunch at the cafe." Mom told me. Yes, that's right. My cousin is Selena Gomez and Mandy is my aunt. Selena's biological father is my uncle and so that makes Mandy by Uncle in Law. Even if they are divorced, we are still all really close and are alos close wiht Mandy's husband (Selena's step-dad) Brian.  

"Yeah, where's dad?" I asked walking with her to the front door.  

"He's outside with the cookies." She replied. She had made her famous and special cookies just for the neighbors. We walked outside and down the sidewalk where we met dad. 

I stopped as we reached dad and looked around.  

"Where Gavin?" I asked. Gavin was my older brother. 

"He's picking up some groceries for us. He'll have to meet the new neighbors later." Dad replied as we started making our way to the neighbors front door. Mom reached up and knocked on the door. It took a few minutes before someone opened the door. I looked up as the door opened and a tall blonde boy with hazel eyes that stood about 6 foot. I blushed as our gazes held a few minutes. He then turned his eyes to my parents.  

"Hello, can I help you guys?" He asked my paretns politely catching my gaze again.  

My mom nodded.  

"We just moved in next door and thought we'd come over and say Hi. Oh, we also brought cookies." Mom said. Dad held out the cookies to the boy. 

"Thank you, hold on, let me get my parents." He said before walking inside and returning a minute later with a woman with blonde hair and green eyes and a man with slightly darker hair and brown eyes. They smiled as they caught sight of us. I noticed behind them that four other people appeared behind them.  

"Hello, so I heard you are our new neighbors. Im Stormie and this is my husband Mark Lynch. And these are our children Riker (the boys answered the door) He's 20, next is Rydel (the only girl of the group) She's 18. Next we have Rocky (the boy with light brown hair and green eyes). He's 17. Then we have Ross (the smallest blonde boy with brown eyes). He's 16. And last but not least our youngest son, Ryland (the smallest boy with brown hair that seemed to match Rocky's). He's 14. " Stormie introduced. My mom stepped forward and shook her hand while dad shook their fathers hand.  

"Im Lillian but I go by Lily and this is my husband David. This is our daughter Gracelynn. She's 19. We also have a son named Gavin. He's alos 20." Mum introduced. I stepped forward to shake Mr and Mrs. Lynch's hands. 

"It's nice to meet you Mr and Mrs. Lynch." I said grinning at them, knowing my dimples were on full show. They smiled back.  

"Please call us Stormie and Mark,sweetie. It's lovely to meet you too." Stormie said. All of a sudden a honk sounded. We all looked up and spotted Gavin pulling into the garage. Mom nudged me and I turned towards her. 

"Sweetie, go and fetch your brother, so he can meet the Lynch's." She told me.  

I nodded and turned and jogged down the front steps and across the lawns and into the garage. I reached the garage just as Gavin got out. Gavin stood about 5'11 with short brown curly hair and green eyes. He had mom's eyes while I had my dad's deep brown eyes.  

"Hey Mom and Dad want you to come meet the neighbors. They have five kids." I told him. He nodded, his hair flopping into his eyes. He grabbed me and pulled me onto his back. He clutched the my thighs tightly so I wouldnt fall.  

"Well, let's go meet our new neighbors shall we?" He asked turning his head to look back at me. 

A/N: I thought I'd leave you with a cliffhanger of some sort. So do you like?? If you like please leave a comment!

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