11th Day Of September 1544


Dear daybook,

Oh dear daybook I am sorry I could not write in you this morning or the other day for the most strange event has happened. I am writing in you under the table cloth. T'is far noisy here, everyone is talking about the event but I shall start from yesterday.

10th Day Of September( Yesterday)

Today I will start back on lessons with my very own tutor William Grindal. I have not met him yet and he is new. Kat stomped into the room" I can not stand that little maid Liz, what a cheeky girl!" Cursed Kat. I stared at Kat and she opened her mouth.T'was the first time she had spoken without being spoken to. Kat fell to her knees" Oh your highness please forgive me!" Kat cried. I do not understand that tiring woman crying at my feet!" Arise Kat Ashley, you will be forgiven if you stop this shameful sobbing! Or I will replace Marigold as my tiring women and I do not want that happening"I sighed giving Kat a hankie. She stood up" Your majesty you must think bad of me now" Moaned Kat. I stared at her and rolled my eyes" Of course not!" I snapped. The other maids  got me dressed whispering and gossiping about Kat. Poor Kat it must be awful for her dear daybook.

Later( Yesterday)

I walked into my own study. Tutor Grindal is a good Tutor and we practised on my Latin, French and Greek ( I was good on those languages) But anyway that day was mostly boring and studying so I will start on today.

Early Morning

I was awoken by a scream. A horrible, horrible scream. I quickly put on my night gown as I was egor to see what had happened. I rushed into the corridor. All ready there was crowd so I still could not see" May I see what has happened?" I snapped loudly. The crowd moved out my way. I saw Kat pale white laying on on the floor and sobbing. I knelt beside her worrying what had happened?" My goodness dear Kat!, What has happened?" I asked softly" T'was.....was.... horrible!" She sobbed tears falling down her cheek." Oh Kat I must know what has happened?" I moaned holding her hand." Your......your.......maj........majesty.....I.....I....was......walk.....walking......d.....down" Cried Kat I did not understand a  word" Do not worry Kat, take a deep breath and tell me" I told Kat giving her yet another hankie! Kat rubbed her tears and took a deep breath" Yes your highness. I was walking down this very corridor when I heard dripping water. Then I saw five cloaked.......monsters........ in dripping black rags. Their eyes were so pale and bit of their faces were covered in this horrible, horrible gunge. They all were soaking wet. MONSTERS! MONSTERS!" Whimpered Kat. This took me by surprise. I did not understand it!" And that wasn't all your high....highness" Sobbed Kat" They were walking to your chamber!" Everyone gasped." I tri......tried to stop them and one pushed me acr......across the room then I scr....screamed" Cried Kat I hugged her" Dearest Kat everything will be all right" I told her. My heart was thumping dear daybook louder then ever before. What horror! But I do not have proof Kat was telling the truth. What I mean is someone could of played a trick on her or a elision as Tutor Grindal had taught me that word yesterday" Elizabeth is doomed!" I heard someone shout. We all turned our heads. Princess Mary was standing there a fierce look on her face" She is a half-witch. The spirits of the dead are haunting her as all witches should suffer! Even if they are a future queen of England" Snapped Mary. I could not believe it dear daybook! Nor the crowd we just stood there in silence" Its all my fault!" Cried Kat. We all once again turned our heads to her" I broke a rule yesterday and am being punished!" She sobbed" Nonsense!" Me and Mary snapped together" Elizabeth is a witch and there for being punished!" Shouted Mary. I could take it no longer. I ran down the corridor. I don't care about my Latin and maths studies. I am missing them. I walked into the gardens. The sun beating my shoulders. I found my favourite blossom tree and sat down and cried silently. T'was unusual I did this and very very wrong for member of the royal family. But I do not care anymore I am fed up with Princess Mary. I can not stand it. I  wiped my tears and took a deep breath. If Princess Mary was being horrible to me I will be horrible to her. A twig snapped and I turned round alarmed but t'was only Queen Cathrine Parr. I curtsied and blushed. I hope I didn't have puffy red eyes" Good morning Elizabeth" She said" Good morning to you your highness" I replied"I love morning strolls" She sighed" There all right your highness"" Every things all right for you Elizabeth" Laughed the Queen" I am afraid t'is not your majesty" I sighed" What troubles you?" She asked" You would not understand, t'is nonsense. I am wasting your time"" I assure you Elizabeth you are not wasting my time" Replied Queen Cathrine" I have troubles to" She whispered" I never believed you had troubles your highness" I muttered. We both burst out laughing" I really do Elizabeth, really big troubles" Laughed Queen Cathrine. We stopped laughing" I must ask you why you are not studying?" Asked her majesty" I am sorry your Highness I will go immanently" I said going back into the Palace. I really like Cathrine Parr and I  hope she will survive Father. You know what I mean dear daybook. I feel as if I have another Mother. But the Marys evil words snapped into my mind I could not get them out my head.


Now I have catched up with you dear daybook! Finlay and desert has come alast t'is my favourite pudding cream cake. I shiver Mary is forever ranting I am a witch. On my goodness Father has come in I must hide you!

A Few Minuets Later

I am free to write again. We all bowed or curtsied when Father came in. But he is even fatter. Once he sat down we all sat down. We could eat again. Mary was still lying about me very loudly and Father the King somehow heard" Elizabeth is a witch and she is being punished by the spirits of the dead" Father suddenly stood up making everyone quiet. Princess Marys face turned pale and her mouth open." I will no longer her Elizabeth is a witch t'is not true!" He shouted. Then stomped out the room. Mary nearly fainted! Revenge is sweet! But that is cruel to say revenge. I have a feeling Mary will get me this revenge back somehow. But anyway it severs Mary right!

Oh I forgot to tell you, Kat has broke her arm and will be staying for a month at her home what makes me tiring woman-less. I must find a maid to replace Kat. But I might enjoy not being bossed around. I will wait and see


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