Chapter 3

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"Bye Aaniye, I will talk to you when I get back" she said and gave me a weak smile know that all she has to do is go to interviews and make vines to get food and I have to clean the whole house.

"Bye see you when you get back." I say giving her the same weak smile.

"Hurry up, you don't have all day!" My foster mom Diana yells at me.

"Yes ma'am" I say and get back to cleaning the kitchen. This is going to be a long day.

*** 2 Hours Later***

I finally got finished cleaning the kitchen so I get out a plate and make a sandwich since its 12:00 pm and I already missed breakfast. As soon as finished my food and washing my dish I heard the front door open and Karen rushing to me to give me a hug.

"You would never believe who I met today!" She told me super happy.

"Who?" I ask while laughing at how happy she was.

"The guys from MagCon" she smiles.

"That's cool" I try to say happily even though I'm not. I mean I'm happy for her, but while she is having the time of her life I'm cooped up in a house all day cleaning.

"You ok?" She asked me.

"Yeah of course. Why wouldn't I be?" I lied straight through my teeth.

"Come make a vine with me?" She begs.

"I can't I still have to clean the bathroom and loving room to clean." I tell her.

"Pllllleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!" She begs even more. "Aaniye you know you want to!" She says as she waves her phone in my face.

"After I clean I will make a vine with you" I give in.

"You promise?" She asks like a 4- year old. All I do is shake my head yes.

And with that she was gone up to her room.

"Aww you and you best friend are gonna make a vine? How cute" Diana teases. I just ignore her. "I bet she gets adopted before you. And then you will be the one all alone while she's with her new family and she won't even remember you!" She laughs. And I just ignore her some more.

***After Aaniye is Done Cleaning***

I walk slowly up stairs because how tired I am.

"Hey bestie ready to make that vine?" She asks me super happy. I don't want to say no but I'm so tired and after what Diana said I'm starting to think. What if someone does adopt her before me? What will happen to me?

"I know I said I would but I'm so tired. Maybe tomorrow after we wake up?" I suggest.

"Um... Sure if that is what you want to do." She sounded sad.

"I'm sorry" I tell her.

"Its ok, your tired I understand." She says.

"Thank you I'm gonna take a shower now." I tell her.

"Ok." She says.

*** After I get out of the shower***

"Good night Karen." I tell her while heading to my room.

"Good night Aaniye" she said still sounding upset but not too upset.

I go to sleep with everything that Diana said and everything that's going on. I just hope everything will be good tomorrow. I get under my covers and fall asleep.

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