♣Jasmine & Jacob|Chapter 1

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                                            Chapter 1

Jacob was skipping through some photos on his laptop, when his brother touches him on his shoulder. “Boy those we’re some days” said his brother Charles. “ Yea they were “ he said skipping until he reach one where jasmine was covered with  Flour from head to toe at the back of his  yard on her seventeen birthday. Charles laugh when he saw it “Boy she was furious with us that day man” he said “Yea she almost cut our throat that evening” he said with a chuckle. “If it wasn’t for mom... she would have killed us” said Charles “Yea” he said with a smile.

    Everyone in his family love Jasmine Kayla Walker my Best friend from third grade. She was down to earth crazy, loving, spontaneous, sweet and kind. I miss her for my entire college days because I got to go to New York to attend the college I got a scholarship he received from Mangroves High School. Jasmine was so happy for him that she spills her milk all over her new blouse and didn’t even care. Jacob cracks a smile. He can’t wait for the plane to land to see her.

     Everyone was heading home for our sixth family reunion. All his brothers were married and except him and everyone was on his case. Derrick got married to Monica his high school girlfriend. They met in his last senior year at high school and hit their affair until Charles and mom walk in on them one evening in the kitchen making out. Wow that was something. Charles & Lela met at derrick wedding and were attracted to one another the moment they met. Marcus the doctor of the lot got married to his assistance nurse Kayla, who was close to Jasmine. Howard got married to Laura is boss daughter and Paul the player of the lot got married to Kelly the woman who know all his tricks at women, she was a challenge for him. A big one! 

   He has dated a few women before but none of them was fully his type or the one to bring home to his mother. Some either want money or sex. And he wanted someone to love him for who he is and not his money or writing. Someone who is down to earth. Someone who take pride in his writing, someone who will chill with his mother, someone who love to play, someone who will satisfy him in and out of his bed and someone who know how to cool his hot tempered attitude! The one that everyone hate not to mention his moodiness.

   The only person who fills those characteristic was Jasmine. He hates to admit that she is the one but she’s too crazy & naive to ever believe him. He can never forget that night on his seventeen birthday in his mom room, the way they heated the room and she got all crazy in the morning about everything that happen that he told her that it was ok and it would be a secret between them no one would know and it won’t happen again but deep down he know that was a lie…… “Would you like some apple juice sir” said the flight attendance knocking him out of his thought. “Yes” he replies. “Ok” said the flight attendance hand him a cup of apple juice and continue to give the others. “What happen to you, I was talking to you and you went off to god know where” said Charles in sharp tone “Sorry got lost in the photograph” he said looking at the laptop “It seems to me you have been lost in a daze since you saw jasmine on the photo” “no” he said quickly “yes” said derrick butting in “we know you have a thing for her”  “no I don’t” he said looking at all his brothers staring at him. “I think so too cuz she’s the only girl I see tattoo a smile on your face whenever you see any girl” “that’s because I am always happy to see her” “really now Jab” “ yea” he said smiling. “we’ve all seen the way you both look at each other lately and not to mention how you try to keep her attached to you whenever a guy come around who you think she likes” Jacob smile. “Jayla adore her” said Paul “There’s some chemistry between you both I can sense it and I won’t be surprise if you both end up together” said Marcus as his place the plastic up in the holder. “I almost forget she got some lips I don’t forget our game night” said Charles Jacob look at him with scorn in his eyes. “I really like her better than Keisha she’s too pushy & flirty. Jasmine is just right for you” said Howard with Laura head in his lap who fell asleep. “Why don’t you try something on her before she fall in some drunk arms” said Paul  “ Jasmine know what she want in a guy, I know she would be careful about who she choose to be with and I don’t want any of you trying to push me on her” said Jacob locking is laptop. “ Whatever man, but you know if I don’t see anything going on and she’s single I’m putting Leon on Her” said Derrick “ If you ever let that guy next to her, I’ll hurt you so bad that Monica have to come and save you” said Jacob a bit upset. Everyone laugh “He’s serious on that one D” said Paul laughing. Everyone started to make sure that their seatbelt was in Place. As the plane was about to land in Connecticut Airport.

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