Joyful Tears. Part 76

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4th March 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

" Come on in. Barb and me are the only ones here at the moment. She's still napping, though." I said to them both with a large smile after waving them both in the front door.

" Where did the others get off to?" Daniel asked as he looked around the house I don't think he has been in for some time.

" The others were going off and checking in with the custodians of Chesterfield and Lowell manors. They should be back shortly." I said to them as I gave the watch on my wrist a quick glance.

" That will be exciting, then." Joy went on to say as she spotted the kettle on the bench after following me into the kitchen and was quick to check that it was ready for boiling. Which it usually was.

I walked across to stand near her and reached up to grab some extra cups down from the cupboard overhead which held them as well as the tea and coffee services needed for the family.

" I have decided to ask the Websters and Finley's if they would like to come around for a barbeque for dinner. I know you have just arrived. But I think they would want to meet you too. Not that they will know you are here of course. It will be a pleasant surprise for them. Is that okay?" I asked them both as they just smiled back at me.

" Who are you muttering to now, Sarah?" I heard Barb say in a grouchy tone as I heard her approaching us from the hall.

" Just Joy and Daniel. " I called out to her, letting her know who it was that has just joined us.

" I thought you were being your usual muttering to self-kind of person. " Barb said in a grouchy tone as she then waddled a little in through the door. I had to giggle at that. She really was getting a little waddling happening now that I notice.

" What are you giggling for? You have been acting like a twit since you found out you were preggers, Sarah." Barb snapped at me. I guess she's not in a happy mood for some reason.

" Pregnant. You're pregnant, Sarah?" Joy exclaimed with a smile forming on her face. Daniel was, of course, beginning to smile as well.

" Yes. We found out yesterday." I said to her after stepping out of the hug she suddenly gave me. Then I got one from Daniel as well.

" And she's having twins as well. " Barb said in a snarky voice. Which had me looking at her with a frown.

" What is your problem? You have been bitching since we came home from the hospital." I snapped at her with a slight growl wondering what the hell was wrong with her.

" I do not have a problem thank you very much. I'm just hormonal is all." She growled back at me which caused me to raise one of my brows at her. really? I don't think so. There has to be more than that to it.

" Oh, what a load of rubbish. We've known each other since kindergarten, so don't give me hormones. I'm the queen of hormones." I said to her with a glare as I began to make some cuppa's for us.

" I'm just feeling off, is all. There has been so much happening in such a short time. And with one of the most important things in my life happening with this baby, I wanted my mum here to share it with." Barb went on to say after a moment of silence. I forgot that she had lost her mum too like I did.

A moment later, I turned to see Joy holding Barb in her arms and was gently rocking her much like a mother does with one of her girls when facing some kind of distressing moment in her life.

" I can't be your mother, but I am Jaxon's grandmother and I hope as a granny, I'll do in a pinch." Joy was saying to her as she wiped Barb's tears that had fallen before she pulled the much younger woman back into her arms for some motherly coddling.

" Thank you." Barb was saying with a teary smile a few minutes later as we all sat around the table and begin chatting about George, the new earl.

Joy was telling us all about the things they had to do over there in England proving who George was including bloodwork. They weren't going to take just anyone as the earl who turned up with paperwork. There was a new lineage to follow that connected DNA to the earldom.

So all that had been done and then Joy was telling us about her last sighting of her son as he was going off in pursuit of a younger angrier unnamed young lady who she believes is George's soulmate. Joy and John are waiting to hear back from their son soon about it. Joy was laughing when she related that extra bit of news to us. I was looking forward to meeting him again. Hopefully with his lady at his side by that time.

Hearing the door open, we all turned to hear voices coming down the hall towards the kitchen. A moment later, Reid was walking into the room followed by Jaxon and Jimmy who was grinning like a loon. Lastly, Jenny walked into the room and her eyes lit up when she saw her husband.

It was like watching a bit of porn with the way those two were pashing each other up in greeting.

" Hey, Love. " Reid said as he leant down towards me and gently kissed the side of my cheek with his hand lightly resting on my shoulder.

" All right, you two. Get a bedroom if you can't keep your hands off each other." I heard Jaxon call out as she stood next to Barb's chair after greeting firstly his grandmother then Barb where he still was.

" You're just jealous, imp." Jenny went on to say to him after glancing away from Daniel who's arms were wrapped tightly around her.

" Am not jealous, aunty. If you and uncle Danny want to smooch up a little. By all means, do so. Just not in front of the children, please." Jaxon went on to say to them with a smirk on his face.

" What children?" Jimmy blurted out as he looked around. Then we were all silenced with what Jaxon then blurted out.

" Those two there with Sarah and these two here with Barb. They don't need to hear any of that going on, do they?" Jaxon said which caught all of out attention with what he actually said. But it was the little pat he gave the baby bump that Barb was sporting that caught our attention again.

" You're having twins, too?" I whispered in awe to Barb whose face had gone beet red in embarrassment.

" O, Oh. I forgot you lot didn't know. Sorry, Barb." Jaxon went on to say as he leant down and kissed his wife and the frown she had on her face.

" Twins, Barb. We're having twins? When were you going to tell us?" I asked her feeling a little disappointed that she hadn't confided in me that bit of news.

" I was going to tell you. But I got distracted with you and your damn morning sickness. Then we did find out you're pregnant and I thought that I would wait and surprise you later when you come down off your own excitement in finding out this new baby of your own." Barb said with a rueful smile as she reached across the table to take hold of my hand in hers, giving it a gentle squeeze.

A moment later, we were both up and on our feet bouncing around the kitchen holding on to each other as joyful tears were falling down our faces.

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