Together Forever~Robstar~

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Chapter 19.

Starfire's Point Of View

Okay so me and Raven where fighting kitten, beastboy and cyborg were fighting Dylan and Robin was fighting Slade. His worst enemy ever since he meet him.I just hope this fight would be worth our time.

Robin Point Of View

I was kicking slade and trying to bring him down so I grabbed a birdaran and trew it at him.I approached to him and told him

"Looks like your done slade!"

He just looked at me with an evil look on his face and said "Am I robin? I knew you would safe her it was part of my plan.Oh and the note was the one I sended you!"

I wanted to punch him in the face but I needed to control myself.

"So does Dylan like starfire then?"I asked

"Yeah he does we just used him that's all!"

"Lock them on a cage and Dylan too!" demanded kitten.

They pushed us in a cage which was not comfortable.

"Wait why am I on a cage!? I want to come with you!" said Dylan

"Ha no way you stay here! " said kitten.

I looked at him with my angry face and said "This is all your falt!"

"Robin stop we need to find away to get out of here! " said Raven trying to calm me down.

"Yeah your right! So what's the plan?"

"oh I have a plan!"said starfire.

"No efence star but you don't make the greatest plans.."I said scratching the back of my head.

"Oh please give me a try!" said starfire giving me puppy eyes.

"Oh okay."I finally said.

"Okay so beastboy turns into a fly gets the key to let us out and then cyborg , beastboy and Raven would do some research about where slade and kitten are. Robin , Dylan and I will search around town!"

To tell you the truth starfire's plan if pretty amazing ! I was shocked. I could see the otheres shocked as well.

"Nice plan star!" I said which caused her to blush and smile big.

We went over the plan and wait for the worst to happen.

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