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If you offend someone and the person report you to the police, happy are you. If the person report you to your parent, then you are lucky, but it will be a worst case if the person report you to God.

When you borrow your belongings out to someone and the person wouldn't pay you back on the expected day as promise, then let the person have it. Don't use force to have your things back from someone who is not willing to give you back.

To wish someone death in your thought is as worst as killing with weapon. Never wish someone death for any reason. Let your worst enemy take the highest time in your prayer of intercession rather than retarliation.

Your 5 words of prayer for yourself will produce more result than your friend 5,000 words of prayer for you. Dont be too lazy to pray. God loves to hear the sound of our voice more than the ones produce by strings and cymbals.

Is enough to have wisdom but never miss a class in the school of understanding. It will profit you much.

Action speaks louder than voice.. but if a fool remain silent in his voice and action, he wil be counted as wise.

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