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The year is 2552, and a force greater then we could ever know has found its way to our doorstep. The covenant, the most lethal force in the entire galaxy, has found Earth, and they are here to glass our world and kill us all. Humanity is fighting on its last leg to stop these monsters, but they may be too strong, it may be up to a few loyal humans to stop them, or maybe a traitor from the covenant will join the fight against its own kind... yet again, this fight is long from over...

Time: 1030 hours on the mission clock. It's a typical day in New Mombasa, children playing, people laughing. Life is good. In this time, many people go into Cryo Sleep, a term used for when people want to take time off and spend time in this frozen sleep. It's mostly used in the military on many long journeys, but it has recently become available to the public. Most use it for illness and go in there to wait for a cure, but the military uses it for their secret projects, like the one kept in a small hospital building in New Mombasa. The lights in the building are yet to be turned on, for some reason it is dead quiet outside, except for a strange sound that can be heard, the sound of a strange hum flying through the air. It gets louder and louder as if approaching the hospital, and then the front door and it's surrounding wall explode, sending chunks of concrete into the line of cryo pods on the left wall. The last pod, #42, luckily escapes any damage. Three large figures walk into the hole, scouting the area for any life, their four mandibles flowing up and down as they breathe, and an older looking one spots the 42nd pod, tilting its head as if confused of something. A smaller one in the back speaks up in a frightening tone. "That's a UNSC Drop pod, it's going to blow!" He was too late. The door of the pod flings off with a definite pop and imbeds itself along with one of the creatures into the wall as a large "man" steps out of the pod. Though he seems human, his legs are in the same odd angle as the aliens. The aliens are in awe, wondering why there was a drop pod in a cryo line, until the smaller creature's head explodes as the nude man holds out a large UNSC standard magnum. The older alien charges at the man, whose eyes widen, the man now behind him pulling his knife from the aliens neck, the man smirks then says "Damn Elites." before walking back to the closet. On the door it says "Cryo Possessions." He walks in and locates his locker. He pulls it open and looks at the armor and sees it staring back at him, he dresses himself and looks at the top shelf of the locker. He grabs the chip sitting there and puts it into the back of his head, the eyeholes on his helmet flow red and he lets out a loud scream. He looks out of the closet then walks out onto the street. The man instantly spots the large bulbous shape of the covenant tank, the wraith, hovering just above the ground on its anti-grav sections. The man jumped to the left and slid into the alley, he had to take out the wraith for some reason he couldn't figure out. He looked down at his Plasma Reaper, the UNSC prototype of the Plasma Rifle, and figures the Reaper wouldn't do much damage on the wraith, he would have to use his cloak to get in close to destroy it, though the cloak may drain his battery if he leaves it on too long although a short burst may allow him to get past the elites and to the wraith. He made his decision, jumped out of the alley, cloak on. He skirted and hopped over a tumbled wall just as the back of the wraith came into view, and he latched onto the back and disabled his cloak. Two elites who were near looked at him, screamed something in their native tongue, and they began firing. The man's shield took the damage, and as he looked down at his side container on his leg, a Granada popped out of the holster into his hand and he shoved it into the back of the wraith. The man jumped back behind the crumbled wall and got his Reaper to the ready in case an elite decided to come around after him, and his shield was recharging. A loud crack could be heard as the Granada exploded, and then shrapnel could be heard embedding itself into the concrete. There was also the sound of flesh getting shredded by the shrapnel soon after. "Foolish elites," the man thought, instantly scanning the top of the roofs for jackals. He stopped dead on one who seemed confused, the man knew his Reaper wouldn't be able to take down the jackal, but he remembered one of the elites had a carbine. He hopped over the concrete and stopped-one of the elites was still alive and stood leaning heavily on the carbine, as he used it as a crutch. The man looked down and saw that the other elite had a smoldering piece of wraith through his neck, as the live elite hissed, "Who are you! A-Are you a demon!" The man walked up to the elite and placed his hand on its shoulder, surprisingly the man was taller than the elite; the man sighed, and then said "I? I am a monument to all your sins, I am Tozoa." Tozoa pushed the elite, who fell directly onto his back with a thump and looked up at Tozoa, who had placed his hoof on the elite's chest. The elite was confused; he looked at the hoof then back at the Tozoa, and he spurted as he spoke "W-What are you!" Tozoa looked directly into the elite's eyes. "I have no idea." The elite's ribs popped and cracked as they collapsed; Tozoa had forced his hoof into the elite's chest cavity, and he pried the carbine from the elites grip before remembering the jackal. He turned and saw it, and it aimed its Beam Rifle directly at his head. A shot fired from the rifle, Tozoa ducked, rolled, and slammed his back into the smoldering wraith as he checked the carbine to see if there was still ammo, and he smirked inside his helmet as he aimed his carbine at the jackals skull. The trigger slid down into the weapon, a green radioactive projectile flew into the jackal's skull, causing it to explode and making the jackal go limp and tumble to the ground with a crack. Tozoa threw the carbine to the ground and walked over to the jackal, grabbing the rifle from the jackal's hand and placing it onto his back, where it clicked with a magnetic pop. Tozoa scanned the area one last time, and then walked down a park ramp. Standing in front of a large door, the key pad protruding from it, Tozoa walked up to it and typed in a sixteen-digit code. The door hissed and slid open, and Tozoa looked behind him one last time before he walked into the dark.

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