Chapter 58.

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Suman's POV.

I let Shravan pull me and follow him silently as he leads me away and into his room. He shuts the door behind us and leans on it while still holding on to my hand.

My heart aches for him knowing how hurt he must be right now. I know he has always looked upon his father as his ideal man, his guiding source. We may not have been together since years however I had heard enough from his family to know how much he doted on his father.

I looked at him as he stood silently, staring ahead with an unreadable expression on his face. I don't want him to ruin his relationship with his father.

I am not sure why Ramnath uncle did what he did. In the past years he had always been the loving uncle to me like he always was. That one time when he had raised his voice at me and torn the card I had made for Shravan was because he had been very worried about Shravan and missed him. At least that is what he had told me. He had apologised for losing his temper and had taken me out later to treat me with ice cream as an apology

He had been abrupt whenever I asked him about Shravan but I had assumed on my own that he missed Shravan and did not want to talk about him.

I had never asked him about the letters since I had never talked to anyone about them. There again I had assumed Shravan had chosen not to respond to them since he was angry with me.. I had always maintained the letters are between me and him.

I stepped closer to Shravan as he continued to stare in front of him silently. I touched him lightly on his arm. Instantly he put his arm around me and pulled closer to him and turned his face to me. He held me in a way that our faces were close, just inches apart as he leaned sideways towards me.

He gave me a soft smile and I told him quietly "Shravan, go out and talk to him. He is your father and you-"

The soft smile on his face got wiped away as an enraged fury took over. I his face harden "And what should I talk to him about? Ask him why he fabricated a series of lies over the years? Or maybe I should ask him why he manipulated lives, including yours and mine, to serve his purpose?"

"He must be having his reasons Shravan. I am not asking you to forget all that happened but at least you should give him a chance to speak out his reasons to do so." I insisted.

"And what do I do with the reasons he gives me, even if I consider he will not fabricate some more lies? Listen to him and tell him 'It's fine Papa, no problem.'?" Shravan says his voice dripping with anger.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I started angrily "Shravan I never said that. I-"

He did not let me continue "Sumo what exactly happened outside? Did I or you bring up his actions of the past?"

That shut me up/ I shook my head. Whatever happened outside was due to the things he had had been saying about me right now, after he had walked in less than half an hour back.

Without warning Shravan grasped my waist and lifted me up making me gasp. My face was now same level as his. I saw a glint in his eyes.

"What did I tell you about me not allowing anyone to not treat you right?" He asked while I still dangled in the air.

"Put me down Shravan." I said softly very conscious of our close proximity.

He ignored me completely and continued "You just treated yourself wrong when you overlooked what had been done to you sometime back."

"I did not!" I protested clutching on his shoulder for support, not that I needed the support.

"Yes you did and you are about to get punished for that." He said making me look at him suspiciously.

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