3rd person P.O.V

Kaori took off her clothes and quickly turned into a beautiful blondish-brown she-wolf. She strolled over to the back of the room and faced the door, staring at it intently. She let out a soft growl before gathering up her energy and running into the door as hard as she could.

The door went down breaking off from its hinges and landing loudly on the wooden floor. She inwardly clapped for herself -knowing that she couldn't exactly clap with paws- and walked out of the room in the same form.

She remembered where the scream had come from and tried to navigate the confusing hallways. Just as Kaori was about to turn the corner, she smelt a familiar scent lingering in the house. Downstairs (where the scream had come from) Kaori heard a loud crash that sounded like someone or something was thrown into a wall breaking it down.

From all the different smells, the she-wolf had figured out someone had broken in to attack. She hoped it was Namjoon and the others. Her thoughts were soon confirmed when a familiar pine-tree scented aftershave hit her nose.

She jumped down the stairs and ran into the hallway to meet eyes with a very magnificent light brown wolf. It was huge, bigger than any normal werewolf and had a controlling aura about it, proving that it was the alpha himself.

As soon as Kaori's eyes met his she knew it was Namjoon. Even though she had never seen him in wolf form, just looking at his eyes confirmed it. She was about to run to him happily when a hand wrapped around her neck and she was yanked back.

Someone had grabbed her wolf body and was pointing a sharp knife at her neck -she could feel the sharpness since her eyes couldn't exactly see it. Kaori silently sniffed the air to figure out who the antagonist was.

"Make one move and I'll slice right through her neck" The man spoke from behind her.

Kaori's eyes widened as she stared at the brown wolf in front of her in utter horror while he growled, showing off his sharp fangs. He wasn't glaring at her, but the man behind her. Kaori hadn't seen Namjoon angry especially in wolf form but she could imagine him with a frown etched across his handsome face.

The she-wolf realized it was her very own father who had grabbed her roughly and now was pointing a sharp knife right at her throat. She thought about how he could get the worst father of the year award and rolled her eyes inwardly.

Yes, she was scared of getting killed but the idea of someone killing her was kind of absurd and funny, knowing the fact that it was her no-good of a bastard dad.

'Language babe' Namjoon suddenly spoke into her head. She stood frozen in her spot knowing that one move could end up in her dying. Fortunately it wasn't surprising that Namjoon was reading her mind because if she was surprised, she would have jumped in shock and ended up with a sliced throat.

'Whatever. Hurry up and help me' she thought back and looked at him with pleading eyes.

'Yeah I know. Now here's the plan, I'll jump at him at the count of 3. As soon as I move, you put your weight on him and fall backwards so he can fall down, then get away while he's surprised, I'll pounce on him' He said. He looked hot while in his alpha mode.

'Yes alpha!' Kaori said.

'That sounds sexy'

'Seriously? I'm a second away from dying and you're calling me sexy?' She rolled her eyes.

'No, I said you sound sexy'

'I didn't even speak'

'Anyway... 1 ... 2...' Namjoon started counting not wanting to argue at a time like this and she prepared herself.

'3' Kaori did what was planned and pushed backwards, causing her wolf form to fall on top of her father and probably squishing him to death. Namjoon leaped at the both of them while the knife went clattering to the ground.

Kaori rolled to her side and away from her father, at the exact same time, the brown wolf landed on the Akamatsu's body, each of its paws holding down the man's arms and legs. Namjoon turned into his human form, grabbed the man's head and slammed it to the hard wooden floor.

Her father's eyes rolled back as he got knocked out by none other than his future son-in-law.

Kaori stood in a corner and watched with curious eyes as her mate -who was gloriously naked- slammed her father's head on the floor. It was amazing how she didn't feel even an ounce of worry about her father and instead studied Namjoon's butt with wide eyes.

Suddenly the door opened and two people walked in, one of them being Jungkook who was holding one of her old pack's men with a handcuff. He threw a pair of shorts at Namjoon with a neutral look on his face, as if seeing his alpha naked was the most normal thing in the world.

Namjoon winked at Kaori as he put on his shorts while she rolled her eyes in her head. Other than being the alpha, Namjoon must be the most perverted member in the pack. He turned towards Jungkook and asked him if everyone got rid of the 'bad guys'. Everyone being Yoongi, Jungkook and Taehyung.

"I'm going to Yoongi hyung upstairs. He found Hyemi and she's in bad condition" He waved another pair of shorts in his hands and used his other hand to punch the back of the man's neck who he had captured. The man fell unconscious on the floor while Jungkook walked off coolly.

As soon as the maknae left, Kaori nudged Namjoon with her nose, signalling him to follow her. She walked back to the room she was locked in earlier and told Namjoon to wait outside through her thoughts.

She turned back to a human and quickly put on her clothes only to turn around and find Namjoon staring at her with a smirk.

"For real?" She asked deadpanning. She pushed down her blush and tried to act cool, walking past him to go and back and decide what to do with her father.

 She pushed down her blush and tried to act cool, walking past him to go and back and decide what to do with her father

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