The Luna Hidden Life

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Xander know something is wrong. The return of the dead daughter that his parents has always thought was dead was a surprise.

Everyone opened her back with opened arms but he didn't. He felt disgusted with himself that he felt a connection towards this female. She looks just like his twin sisters. She is his sister. How can he dream about his sister and can he want to touch her in a way it's unexplainable.

He was not the only one that has concern at what the She-wolf was hiding his beta Adam jr. Feels the same way.

Soon Xander feels betrayed as secrets are exposed. His mum is not his mum. Fathers are not their fathers. His family seems to be breaking apart.

Jessie was raised in a pack from hell. If you don't show strength you would of been stepped on forever. She was close to her uncle and cousin . Her aunty hated her with every fibre of her being. And the Jessie got the scars on her back to prove so.

The only reason she is returning to the Moonstone pack is to earn her uncles  love and respect. To finish what he had planned for years. Family will not stand in her way. Love will not make her falter. A mate will not make her question her father intentions.

She hates the pack family with a passion. They have to be so close. They have to be so loving. Jessie would get her revenge on the mother that abandoned her. The pack that forgotten her. The sisters that lived life without her. The perfect family she always wanted. Will be destroyed.

Secrets will be revealed from the past new ones will unfold with the present.

The rage has been building for 21 years. It will be unleashed.

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