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Run for Cover

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(Warnings: Hostage situation, police heck, gathering weapons, tears, anger, what the hell is going on, the old switcharoo, death, Bf/n is fucking insane)
(Lafayette POV)
I backed up from the man, who I recognized as one of the men from the park back in December. The gun was still in my face.

"Alexander!" F/n yelled as I saw him lunging for the drawer Y/n kept her gun in.

A shot was fired. Alexander ducked just in time, landing on the ground.

"Hilarious. I almost forgot some of you were military trained." He said, walking towards them, another walking in behind him, also with a gun. He aimed it at me and Washington, and I stiffened next to him. I didn't recognize this one. Does Bf/n really have a small gang of men?

F/n looked at me and  winked, patting their pocket. They nudged their head in the direction of the guy near me. They wanted me to tackle him? How the hell would I get away with that?

One of them grabbed Jodie's arm and chuckled darkly, "Wow, weakness really runs in the family doesn't it?"

Jodie squirmed and dug her feet into the floor to try and get away.

Mulligan and Laurens took offense to this, starting to walk over with their firsts balled.
F/n suddenly drew their own gun, and shot the man closest to her, the one antagonizing Jodie. He wailed in pain and grabbed his shoulder, and Jodie ran straight to Jefferson's side. He swung her behind him and stared at the two men with wide eyes.

F/n yelled to me, "Lafayette now!"

I winged it, running to the other guy and tackling him against a wall. I struggled to keep him there, General Washington coming over to aid me when I felt something cold press against my ribs. It was the gun.

I heard a gunshot, but saw the guy I was pinning down with a blossom of blood on his pelvis. I let go of him, grabbing the gun from him and backing away.

Police soon showed, F/n shaking one of the officer's hands.

"He took her to Weehawkin? Why?" The officer asked.

"That could become a crime scene. Get a warrant, and we need to get out there now." F/n urged.

The two men were taken away in stretchers, obviously under arrest.

I stared out of the window. "J'aurais dû dire quelque chose plus tôt..."

Burr came up and pressed a hand to the window. "I don't want to go back to Weehawkin...."

Alexander nodded his head slowly. "There are two bad memories there... but we have to go there to get her."

James looked shaken up. "I've..." he gulped, "I've never seen this much...action... I don't know if I can handle it." He teared up and pressed his hand to his face.

Jefferson inwardly sighed. "Y/n was so hospitable...I- we have to get her back somehow..."

Laurens hugged Jodie closely. "Jodie wants to know if she should get her parents?"

F/n came over, and nodded. "Have her call he parents and we will have police watch her."

I pressed my head against the glass. I had been building up all this emotion and anger. "I should have done more..." I whispered, a tear dropping from my eye.

Mulligan out a hand on my back and wiped his cheeks. He was crying too.I had never seen him cry before...

"Hey, I'm sorry, guys get anything you need, we need to set up base in Weehawkin."

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