From Insanity To Sanity ( A Naruto Fan-Fiction ) --- Prologue

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 Age 7

 One of my earliest memories was the sight of blood. I suppose that's normal considering the family I come from. The Akira Clan was one of legend, we were feared and respected in the Land of Waves where we originated and lived. The Akiras were known for their massive amounts of chakra, rivaling he chakra of a real demon. That much chakra allowed each Akira to be able to use a part of their body as a weapon. For the daughter of the clan leader, in other words me, I was born with so much chaotic chakra that it altered my physical appearance, my ears grew to a point, my teeth sharpened, and my skin became incredibly pale. My unsettling eyes, the color of ice were pretty common in the main branch, my wine red hair; however, was inherited from my mother who was only half Akira herself.

Yes, my clan was power hungry and lusted for blood, but that was just in their nature. Having so much chakra in one body is absolutely maddening, so my parents taught me an old secret to keep the madness at bay. I was given the Ancestral Akira Blade. It hadn't been used in centuries because our ancestors chose to only use their bodies to channel chakra, but the sword was the key to my sanity.

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