As Shawn darts forwards in a jab, Sam sidesteps him and brings her foot out to kick him behind his knee. Although his leg caves in, he manages to keep his balance and whip around so they’re facing each other again. This time it’s Sam that makes the first move. As she throws the punch, she’s not quick enough to dart back and so Shawn manages to grab her arm just above the elbow and pull her towards him. Dodging her kick, he also grasps her other arm in the same fashion and holds them behind her back and pressed to his chest.

“Give up, Torres. You know you want me in your team,” whispers Shawn into her right ear. Using all her strength, Sam tugs back and as he relents slightly, she suddenly pushes her arms back so that her elbow daggers into his chest.
Instinctively Shawn’s grip releases Sam who darts away and he wheezes trying to fight through the sharp pain.
Shit, he realises, this is going to be harder than he thought.

They keep sparing until both are sweaty, tired and have their fair share of bruises; however with neither of them tapping out, they continue.
Suddenly, Shawn goes for Sam’s knees, knocking her onto the mats, but that split second is all she needs to twist them over so he lands on the bottom. He’s just as quick to recover and with his strength he flips her back over. His hips lie between hers and hands lock hers above her head.

“If you give in now, Sam, I won’t tell anyone about this,” bargains Shawn one hand leaving her wrist cautiously and coming to cup her cheek. Sam lies still, trying to ease her breathing as he does so. Then just when he’s leaning down, she uses her body to dart under him and somehow land onto of his back. Grabbing the hand that had been touching her face, she bends the arm back and places the right pressure on it, which causes him to groan out in pain.
“Tap out before I dislocate your arm,” she evenly tells him. When he doesn’t respond in the next minute, Sam places slightly more pressure on it.
“Fuck! Alright, alright. I give, just let go,” he cries in defeat. She keeps the pressure on there for a little while longer before releasing it and standing up. As she grabs her towel and wipes the sweat from her forehead, she watches as Shawn too stands up and rolls back his shoulder.

“I heard you got a big break on the case Torres. You know if you let me join the team, you’d get the thing nailed much faster.”
Sam raises her eyebrows and shakes her head.
“I know your track record Hanson. You may be a good cop but you’re not a good team-player and my team’s fine already as it is,” she concludes. He is just too brash and bold himself, so them working together is not going to have good results. Plus she has a bad feeling about him anyway.
His expression is cool to her statement which she decides must be because what she essentially said must be quite insulting.
“I mean, listen Shawn, it’s just that you and I on the same team working-”
“Chill Torres, I know what you mean,” he smirks.
“You do?” she asks cautiously.
“Yep. I get it, the sexual tension would be too much for you to handle,” winks Shawn, running a hand through his damp hair and causing it to spike up in a strange way.
Sam bursts out laughing, half at his appearance and half at his words. Like hell, they have sexual tension! He may be good looking but he’s an ass, although...apparently she’s attracted to asses.

“Ade? Hi. What’s up?”
“What happened at the warehouse?” he demands right away.
“Oh okay, so we’re going to start with an argument are we?” she retorts curling up on the couch.
“Avoiding the question?”
“No, I already told you. That information is confidential. I can’t go telling whoever I please about that kind of stuff...Besides, why do you want to know?”
It doesn’t make sense to Sam. What interest has he in those warehouses? Oh God...they’re not his are they?
“Wait, you own them?” she slowly asks.
“What? No! They hold no value to me. And if I did own them, they certainly would not be in that sort of state,” he indignantly snorts.
Of course, thinks Sam rolling her eyes; were it owned by the almighty Adrian Carter it’d probably look like Buckingham Palace or something equally extravagant.
“It’s just those places aren’t,” he explains.

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