Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


After they'd gotten coffee, Kamree and Lizzie walked around the city. Lizzie had been eager to step into shops and look at the wares. Meanwhile, Kamree was only there for the company.

She didn't want to buy anything for a while. Not since her last shopping spree disaster.

Surprisingly, the early afternoon flew by. Next thing she knew, her and Lizzie had to rush back to Cavenaugh Productions in time for their recording sessions.

The company had more than one recording studio--Kamree knew that--but for some reason, it didn't occur to her they might be split up. After checking in with security downstairs, the two girls headed up to the studios.

Lizzie frowned at the little paper the security clerk had given her. It was a small white map depicting how to get to her studio. They gave them to every visiting artist. "I'm in studio 2. Where are you?"

They'd put Kamree somewhere familiar. "Studio 7. Back by the stairs."

Lizzie pouted. "Dang it. I wanted to be near you."

"Everyone's always looking to be near me," she joked.

Her new friend shoulder-bumped her. "Har-har. Okay, so we part ways. But don't you dare leave before saying goodbye if you get done first."

"Lizzie, I work here. I'm not going anywhere." After her session, she planned on doing a check of her emails and running through Daxton's schedule for tomorrow. He had two appointments that she knew of, however, things usually popped up spontaneously--

Shit. Day off. Right. Okay, maybe she'd just check her emails.

Lizzie walked off, pointing at Kamree. "Don't forget. I know where you work!"

Kamree laughed.

Adam waited for her in studio 7, texting away at his phone behind the control board.

"Slacking on the job, Adam?"

"Yeah right, pretty girl. I've just been killing time while I wait for you."

She glanced at the large, digital clock hung above the door. 2:04 was up in big, red numbers. "I'm sorry for being late. We can get started right away."

Adam's phone made a thud as he put it on the table. "Actually, we have to wait for Daxton."

"Daxton? Why does he have to be here?"

He shrugged. "I don't make the rules, I just follow them."

It took Daxton almost ten minutes to show. When he did, he flew in papers in hand. "I'm sorry, something came up that I had to deal with."

She didn't like the frazzled way he looked. His hair stuck up slightly as if he'd run his hands through it multiple times, and at some point, he'd untucked his gray button-up shirt.

"Are you okay?" Kamree asked.

"I'm fine." He waved away the question, then practically shoved the papers her way. "Here's the songs you'll be singing. I didn't get a chance to reprint them, so you'll have to work with the edits for now." Then he glanced up at the clock. "We have to hurry though if you're going to pick up Paisley."

Her heart warmed. Even in all the craziness, he'd still somehow remembered Paisley. Daxton was his own brand of amazing.

Girls would easily snatch him right up, her earlier self reminded.

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