setting up a con

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I texted Lilith back and set up with an old p.i friend of hers to get this man off the streets. The man that had almost taken my life stalked me and now come into my job.... I would not stand for being followed around by some killer groupie. He made his presence and his intent known. I however made a choice not to back down not to back away from what I had created. This was a true moment of letting go of my past and not letting him win. He truly had no power over me. I no longer feared him. He can't rule my choices. Only I can. So Lilith and I plotted for me to take off to see Davis under cover I was to seem like I was off to Hartford when really I was off to mass...

The day finally arrived I had very few details about how he would be taken down but I knew I had to be far away to prevent any sort of flashbacks or danger to myself. I boarded the bus and acted like I was off to the show rather than off to mass to see my love. As soon as I took my seat and wash of calm took over. I felt like this war with him was finally coming to an end. This battle that had gone on both with him and within my own mind for greater than a decade was finally coming to it's closing point. The war with in my own mind will always be there but when I let it all go which with my taking my power back my life back and most of all no longer giving him any credit for my living in fear away I could see the walls letting go.

The long ride up to mass gave me some time to think... I needed to figure out how I was going to live simply because this life wouldn't be mine forever. Though I wasn't ready to stop anytime soon. Syner entertainment was my whole life. Davis can't handle this forever though. But it's like dating a stripper not that I'm comparing the two but you can't start dating someone and then expect them to leave the only thing they have that pays the bills. Sure you can want them to but it doesn't mean they will do it. This and thoughts of the next few tours I had coming up all swam through my mind for the first leg of the trip. As soon as I neared the end of this journey i started to ease. Knowing I'd be locked away safe with Davis and Cassy for days if not longer was a calming thought. I'd be safe. I could get some work done on the outfits for the next tour.... All little black dresses altered with some sort of designs....

I got off the bus and hid under my huge hat to not be recognized for Syn was no longer just some persona she was known. Syndy was no more she was gone. Someday I'd have to regain Syndy, at least to live a some what normal if life could ever be normal life again. Davis and Cassy where there and got me back to the house safely. As I walked in I felt a shift in my mood from tense to calm.

Cassy and I put my bags away and settled me into what had become my room whist I'm up there. Then we started off to the kitchen where I helped with dinner davis and I cooked for the night all with me staring at my phone wondering when Lilith would call and say they got him. After dinner Cassy and I played our ultimate Uno war. As usual we where tied 4 hands each this was the tie breaker round with both of us holding onto 30 cards each it really was anyone's hand. I placed down all my sixes and she got rid of all her 3s not making a dent in either hand. Fine out came all my skips and reverses then my nines getting rid of a quarter of my hand. I still had some wilds and a draw 4 as well as 2 draw twos left and a lot of fives. Cassy also got rid of her reverses and a few skips and her sevens. Now it was starting to look like she was going to win. Nope not so fast. I pulled out the draw four and the two draw twos for a total of draw eight and waited for my turn to draw whatever. I got lucky she had none.
She placed down what she could and I got rid of most of my hand. Back and forth till I shouted Uno. And then I the Uno champion won yet again. Tie broken. Now it was time for me to spend some time with Davis.

I am moment if only for the time we where in bed together kissing making love.
His hands moved over my body clothes finding the floor. Losing track of the minutes no longer caring what time nor how long I was wrapped around Davis. I needed his touch I needed his kiss. I needed him deep inside me. But I wasn't pushing for it. I let his hands roam over me I let him kiss my body my neck my lips moans releasing from my parted lips. Panting almost ready to beg as I feel his fingers slide into my folds my breath caught my fingers trembling. Grabbing at the sheets as I feel his tongue flick my bean.... He takes it into his lips and sucks I lose it and scream. The pleasure more intense because of the heated foreplay. Feeling his finger sliding in and out I lose control and cum all over his face. My moans and quivers barely subside before I feel him plunge deep inside me with his manhood. My body reacts to his touch feeling myself working up to yet another orgasm. The pleasure reaching it's high for both of us. Laying there relaxing for a moment before we got up to clean up and join Cassy for a smoke and for Davis and I to hit his bowl..

Tonight I smoked pot for the first time in months and I let go of my fears. No longer worried about when that call would come in tonight Davis would know what's been going on. What Cassy filled him in on a little of. She and I had similar pasts. After we smoked we went back down to the room and cuddled together.... I looked at Davis and asked "do you want to know what that guy did to me to make me so afraid?" He looked at me and said 'if you are ready to tell me than yes I'll listen. "
I took a ragged breath and started to tell him my story. 'i was 17 years old when I met whom I thought was Jim but it turned out his name was Martin. For months Jim beat me and raped me repeatedly I thought I deserved it I was blinded by what I thought was love. Turned out to be fear. One day he was beating me in my kitchen at my mom's and that Little voice that said if I left him he'd kill me finally said if you stay he WILL KILL you. When he stopped hitting me and went outside I called 911 and hung up. With in 10 mins there where 2 cops a fire truck and an ambulance at my house... " I trailed off catching my breath again I continued to reopen this wound. "My mother came home to me filling out a police report. I told the cops everything from the rape which at that time it was my word over his to the beatings that I hard clear marks from and it was finally over or so I thought. Over the years he'd stalked me and I'd gotten rid of him over and over. Each time bringing my flashbacks to a new high. " Davis held me closer kissing me softly once before my phone rang.
I slowly answered the call from Lilith who told me "he's been arrested by the feds for possession intent to sell assult to a federal officer and assult on two minors" a sigh of relief following "are you sure they got him?" She reasured me it was him and that he's going away for a long time. They found the bodies I told them about. And there was a third. So he's done. I hung up the phone stoned relieved and excited. I saw Davis's cock stiring and decided to climb on top. I slide him in and took him with one thrust. At first he let me have control my hips grinding and bouncing on him making myself wetter and hotter with each move.... I shook as I let go of my now 5th orgasm of the night. Davis grabbed my throat and began to thrust up into me as he pinned my ass down with the other hand. Pounding me from underneath I began to lose myself in that moment. Everything more intense because I was stoned. I felt every stroke every touch and it was all that much more than it was before. I let Davis in. The bliss the moment would end soon. With a few final thrusts both of us came at the same moment. His hand never left my throat nor my ass. After we cleaned up I let it all sink in that Jim or Martin was finally going to be gone. Arrested all because of a gig I wasn't going to work to begin with. Now I felt like I could for the first time in years breathe again. And do so safely.

As Davis and I went to sleep I knew something wasn't right about that night. But I wouldn't know fully for a while. As we slept I turnedy phone off for the first time ever. I was now safe. I hadn't known what that was truly like any more. I hadn't known I was safe from him not since before I'd met him. That man no longer had any power over me. He can't stalk me he can't hurt me. Not anymore. But it wasn't ever about that he could it was about that he did. And now he will never hurt me or anyone else.

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