Chapter Twenty Five

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Monday morning after my first class, I had to forgo breakfast cause James had called me, saying he had something very important to tell me. And so after my first class, I waisted no time to go and meet him.


"Good morning, my artist!" James greeted me rather joyfully when I walked into his gallery.

"Good morning, James." I smiled, confused as he hugged me.

"I have good news my dear!"

"What's that??"

"I sold both your drawings!"


"Yes! And that's not even the best part. The customers loved it! Five people proposed to buy both, all at the same time. They actually fought over your works!"

"No! Seriously?!" I asked, a huge grin on my face.

"Yes! It became an auction! I swear! The highest bidder was an eighteen year old girl. She bought both."

"Oh my gosh!"

"Instead of selling both at 300$ as planned, I sold both at 500$!"


"A lot of people loved it. Trust me. And most were young women from about 18-24. They found your model freshly unique."

Way to go Lucas!

"Thank you so much!"


He held my hand and led me into his office.

"I have a great proposition for you."


"You make paintings for me, I sell them and we share half the benefits. What do you say?"



"Meaning I wouldn't have to buy them from you. I'll just take them and sell."

"Yes. I'm okay with it."

"Good but for now, since I bought the first paintings from you, I'll give you two hundred and keep three hundred."

"It's fine by me James. Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome. Here's your money. I expect more paintings and drawings after tomorrow."

"Sure! I can get that done."

God was clearly on my side!


Tired with the day's activities, I slowly walked down the campus's streets, heading for the frat quarters.

I'd always hated Mondays. I had no free class. My schedule and timetable were always full on Mondays.

I didn't even see Lucas when our last class had ended at seven. I wondered why he'd left class so fast.

Finally, I approached the beta house but I noticed someone sitting in front of the house with a huge bag. I tried to see who it was.

"Bish, where were you?? I've been sitting here since six!" I recognised the voice and my eyes widened.




I screamed, dropping my school bag. We ran towards each other and hugged.

"Girl, you came!"

"Yeah! My momma finally let me! You were right."

"Oh, oh, oh! Hold my phone and school bag, so I help you carry this big bag of yours!"

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