Mayera and Arjun

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Hey, guys! Okay so I have two good news to share, first I have turned the visibility of this book back to Public mode. Though, I had turned it to Private mode because of certain issues like plagiarism, it's back to Public mode. And as I have crossed the 1k followers mark, this is a little gift from me.
And the second news. I think many of you all know that Mayera and Sagar are my personal favourite characters from this book. But in the story, I had although written about Sagar and his life, Mayera's life and her story were never much written about. So, for last few days, I was toying with the idea of writing an one shot on Mayera and Arjun and their story of love for. And it's finally up, though as a three part short story. If you have time then please spare it a read. I believe you guys will like it, because it has some scenes of Sidharth as well. Yet, the main focus is on Arjun and Mayera.

The cover of the MaJun short story The Polaroid Girl

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The cover of the MaJun short story The Polaroid Girl

Happy reading, if you're gonna read it.
Love, Mauli ❤

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