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               Surfing the internet is my favorite hobby. It is my way of meeting new online friends that makes me happier everytime I’m alone.

            I like browsing and looking for some awesome pictures of different cosplayers in Otaku House. It is one of the popular pages in facebook that talks about anime related things. I am looking for those pictures because I’ll be cosplaying an anime too. This hobby leads me on meeting one of my cosplay inspirations.

            While staring at the pictures and clicking the next button, I suddenly noticed this guy holding a deathnote notebook. I stopped right there and read the comments for this so-called cosplayer. Some of them said that he looks like kira, it’s the best cosplay of him and also says that he is cute. He is cute? You can look at him if you want just don’t touch him for now. Ha-ha.

            I added this guy thinking that maybe I can be his friend too. Well, my thought was just right. He accepted my request and became a good friend of mine. We made nicknames for us that should be used only by us. And if we allowed other guys to call us that way, there would be a painful punishment. That’s why I’m not going to tell you how he calls me. Peace!

            Daniel is his name who lives in Argentina. He is nice even though sometimes, he might not able to reply your buzz message. I always experienced that from him. That’s why sometimes; I even call him as the great ignorer of our age. Ha-ha I say that sometimes but I don’t mean it. He can also play guitar and often knew how to play the songs that I like from some anime series. Hope he will upload his performance video soon. Read that carefully Daniel. Ha-ha. He loves anime just like me.

            He even commented on my plan that it will be so cute if ever I will cosplay Makise Kurisu. He is a very honest person that’s why believed his compliment. Okay? Ha-ha. Well, I have Makise’s costume now. Hope I can post my cosplay pictures at Otaku House soon together with my younger cousin.

            Knowing good friends in the internet isn’t bad at all. They can be our inspiration for sometimes that helps us build up our confidence.

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